Friday, 31 July 2009

Our trip to Hitchin.

It was a good day in all, I know Hitchin is not the greatest of places to say you went to visit but we have a limited area we can travel to. Firstly we don't have our own transport, secondly the expense but we also have to take into consideration that if you are walking everywhere then Katie cannot walk for miles and miles. They enjoyed the ride on the train more than anything today. None of them had been on a train like this before although Jim and Charlotte had been on a steam train with Nan and Grandad before. Charlotte was panicking when he train went by fast as the others were not sitting down and she kept telling them to keep away from the yellow line, they were very good and didn't go near it but she felt she had to tell them all the same.. Waiting for our train..

Can you tell i've never been on a train before....

We walked for what seemed like forever and eventually got lost, it's a straight line and we took a map and we still got lost, I only mentioned that "Well, this was a good adventure" a couple of times but Charlotte felt she needed to correct me and reminded me we were lost and that's the third time you've said that !!...touchy..

After asking directions from the only person in the street who did not look lost she pointed and said "that big white building in front of you is the gallery.."

So off we went and here is what we found...

A Tardis with bubble wrap windows!!!

Jim and a Cyberman, Jim accidentally pulled his hand off (the Cybermans)

Sam and K-9

Katie and an Ood..

There are no words that can describe this picture...

And then there was the dressing up....

Of which Katie enjoyed most....

There were other exhibits in the museum about Victorian clothing and toys, it was a different kind of day out in as far as we were pleased the museum was free as it wasn't really really brilliant, but it was ok. We did have a nice time and we walked a long way. So i will leave you with a last picture which is most disturbing and can't imagine letting my children have one of these to sleep with at night...

Yes, words fail me....

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Eat your heart out Delia ...

We got up bright and early to find we needn't have as i didn't need to go and clean at my friends house today. Still it's nice to get up early enough so you have more day ahead to do stuff and today we made cakes.

Jim did very well but was eager to eat as much as he made, he made chocolate fairy cakes. He was really careful and tried so hard to do things slowly and methodically. He did everything apart from putting the mixture in the cases and putting the icing on.

Katie did everything buy herself aswell, she made biscuits. I showed them then watched them while they did each step just explaining as we went. I was really impressed. Things went so well that while the cakes cooked i made sausage casserole in the slow cooker for tea, how good am i...

Oh yes and here's a tip.... don't make icing near an open window..
you may have figured this out already but this was new to me..
and now my kitchen has a light dusting of icing sugar all over it

Now I know it's cooks privilege to lick the spoon but this is taking it too far, there is a whole whisk in there...

Yummy cakes....

Scrummy biscuits...

And by lunchtime they were all gone.

Toffee Apples

Yesterday night was such a late night for me as i had spent hours chatting to my friend on the computer, i think we talked about everything you can imagine,
I'm normally in bed by at least 9 o'clock. As a result i felt like death warmed up but by the afternoon i was a little better.
My friend popped in for a cup of tea on his way home and while we were chatting Jim managed to flood the downstairs toilet. We soaked up all the
water with towels, what a mess.....still the toilet floor is nice and clean.
We were going bowling today but what with the shenanigans the children were up to last night i had already told them if they played me up or misbehaved we don't we won't go out today. However that does mean with the money that we don't spend today we can use for another trip out when they are better behaved.
Bringing them up by myself is not easy and there are more of them than me, they are noisy, boisterous and very active kids, and if for one minute you loose your authority or control in a situation you are in big trouble. They need boundaries and to know you will enforce your rules whether they agree or not.
I love them dearly and do try to see the funny side of things, but at times they are just plain and simply naughty....
On a lighter note Charlotte had made some lovely toffee apples,
they were most scrummy and the toffee on them tasted like Wethers Originals, very lovely. She has never tried it before and so for a first try she has done brilliantly..

I know you can't see it too well but the toffee is all over it, she had just put the last bit of toffee on the top so it looks thicker..

She's such a clever old stick, as the day looks to be quite cool and rainy i think it might be a good day to make cakes with the children..wish me luck..

Monday, 27 July 2009

How clean is my house?

Well, quite reasonable now, but it wasn't earlier.. so I've had my minions working really hard, double shifts, to get this place spic and span. Sometimes you get to a point, well i do anyway, where you think this place looks like a pigs sty and we need to tidy up and fast...When the kids broke up i spent that last day tidying up and finding the carpet again and we spent yesterday doing the same. Katie has tidied the back garden with the help of the boys. She picked up all the rubbish for me..

Jim and Sam tidied their rooms...

Amazingly, Charlotte mowed the lawn. See miracles do happen..

We tidied round and round until it was all done, the kids did really well, I know they don't enjoy it but it needs to be done..

Talking of gardens, yes I was.... with the mowing and stuff, anyway here are some tomatoes growing, and the berries we have picked so far in the freezer..

Apart from the weight watchers meal and the ice cream it's all berries.. so you can see why we had toast.

Today however I've been tidying someone else's house then came home and was so tired that i watched two films in a row, that really doesn't happen often but today i thought why not.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Some more pictures of our day...

Unfortunately i couldn't put anymore pictures on the post so here is the rest..

Jim and Superman.

Jim, phoning to say he'll be late and can I leave his dinner in the microwave..

Jim, washing up, as he was late for tea and had to wash-up by himself..
Yes, you have to work very hard for your tea,
especially if you have been late....Super hero or not...

Sam, and your friendly neighbourhood, Spiderman!!

Eeyore and Tigger...
To anyone else, this would look strange, but don't be fooled,
this is quite normal..

Now I know you may be wondering where Katie is but she had been abit naughty, well alot naughty actually, so she didn't come out today...
maybe next time..
All in all we had a good time and where quite pooped when we got home.

Off to the cinema we go...

Today we got up bright and early, washed and dressed and went to the cinema to see Bolt, the new Disney film about a dog who's whole life has been an action movie and he doesn't know it, one day he escapes the trailer he lives in and ends up in the real world, he thinks he has super powers because that is what he has in the film he is in but obviously he doesn't. He then meets up with a cat and a hamster in a ball. well they are not in it together but you get my drift..

It was a good film and the kids enjoyed it, there were lots of smaller children there from about two years and upwards. There was loads of them, they were chatting, crying, wandering about, it was a good job the film was loud..

We came out and went to McDonalds which for my children is a real treat as we must have a happy meal or something like that about twice a year, so after our two cheeseburgers, fries, chocolate corneto McFlurry and diet coke (well, you have to cut back on something) we rolled ourselves back over to the town and went to the museum. They have a exhibition of super heroes so we had a good look around and took some pictures as you see here..
This is Splatman, Batman and Dobbin...

Outside the cinema..

All aboard the skylark...(you can tell they don't get out much..!)

Friday, 24 July 2009

Stir Crazy

Well I think we can say we are out of the woods as far as swine flu is concerned, then again we were probably not even in the woods, just nearby in a small thicket.. Jim and Katie feel much better and are begging to go out, their sore throats are all but gone and although they have a cough every now and again i don't honestly think it was swine flu. Just to be on the safe side i kept them in just to be sure. As we haven't been out yet we haven't done much at all and are going alittle stir crazy, and it keeps raining.!
Still we have had a rest from getting up so early but still wake up at 6:30 every day but it's nice we don't have to actually get up. Now tomorrow we are going to the cinema as it only costs £1 each, we worked out if we went in the week it would cost over £30 and then popcorn and drinks and bus fare we wont get much change from £50.
So we will see if we can get away with taking some of our own sweets and a carton of juice, after we will then be able to afford McDonald's and go to the museum as its free, the library, free too and bus fare there and back all for under £35.. bargain..

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Oh where to begin...

Such alot has happened over the last few days not least of which my trusty computer mouse passed away at the tender age of just 2 years..
So i had to order another on but using your computer keyboard for everything is really hard and tabbing to everything takes and age.
I borrowed Charlottes mouse only briefly as she is very possessive about her things and who touches her stuff, never mind that i bought it for her in the first place, so consequently my posts here have been alittle late.. sorry.

Talking of Charlotte, Mums computer has been misbehaving lately and it could possibly be the monitor or the graphics card but anyway, she's been really stuck without it, It's funny how you can become so reliant on computers now, personally i need it to check my bank balance, my emails, food shop online,
chat to friends and so on so to be without it is really a struggle,
anyway back to mums computer, so mum wanted to borrow charlottes monitor to see if using hers would eliminate the chances of it being mums monitor that is at fault, Charlotte went round monitor in hand, and suggested that she use the other port in the back of the computer and low and behold IT WORKS!!! well done Charlotte... such a clever old stick..

The children have all finished for the holidays now and came home with arms full of things they had made and books that they have finished and won't need next term. They are glad to be finished simply because they are tired and have worked hard and need a few days without getting up at half past six in the morning. So could i actually..

Yesterday as they broke up one of the mums informed me that a little girl in the street where we live has swine flu and that her little girl and Katie play with her, great!! that means that there is a possibility that Katie will get it and so might we all.... Then this morning Katie and Jim have both woken up with sore throats and Jim is very dribbally about the nose. No temperatures though.. so we will see what happens further, if anything at all. They are stuck in the house until i can determine if it's just a cold of swine flu.. Oh the joys of being a parent..

We have also picked more free fruit from the trees and bushes nearby and frozen them until i can make them into jam, there is more fruit in my freezer than actual food at the moment, i asked the children what they fancied for tea last night and opened the freezer door, the choices where, runner beans, which we have grown, plums, cherries or blackberries, so we settled for toast.
well i think i'm up to date and on track for the first day of the summer holidays now, we have plenty to do but need to wait a while to see if we become poorly or not..lets hope not.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

A Scrumping we will go..

Over the last few weeks we have picked berries, plums and cherries from the nearby trees and bushes, I have then washed and then frozen them as i intend
to make jam. There is still so much out there to pick, yesterday we were out in the alleyway and the little park and we had filled out bowls to the top, then Jim stepped of the ladder and accidentally knocked my arm and we dropped the lot!!!
I said "Oops, that was silly" and we spent the next five minutes picking them up..

My friend has apple trees in his garden and he has plum trees too, if i ask nicely he might give me some. I will attempt to make mixed fruit jam, can't wait.. I've never done it before so it should be fun. I've bought jam pot covers, saved loads of jars and have bought a thermometer for jam, we call it a jamometer.

Around the streets and cycle paths we have spotted blackberries, Logan berries and apples so i think we will be quite busy this holiday..

Talking of holiday Charlotte and Jim have already broken up from school and Sam and Katie finish on Tuesday, we have lots planned to do like making cakes and biscuits, painting and gluing together the boxes we have saved, having indoor cinema with popcorn, football and Frisbee games over the park and we have planned to go on the train to Letchworth and Hitchin museum.

Best of all we are going to see "Footloose" at the Gordon Craig Theatre.
Mostly these thing are free or cost very little same as the jam. They say the
best things in life are free and i'm sure nothing will taste better than free jam.

These are the berries we picked (There are 9lbs of them!!)

Friday, 17 July 2009

Blisters and Thunder storms..

Today has been rather eventful, It started as usual with getting up early, Charlotte and Jims last day today. Then Katie and I got ready and Sam stayed with Uncle Kev so i could take her to school. I had to ring the doctors at half past eight to get Sam an appointment for today, well it rang and rang for what seemed like an age so i thought "i know, i'll redial in a minute" BIG MISTAKE!!

It was engaged for at least 4 or 5 minutes, so i thought with time ticking by Katie will be late if i wait any longer we went to the doctors instead...
On arrival the woman who was on the phone was typing in some details of the caller on the computer, she said good bye and stood there with the receiver in her hand for at least twenty seconds, she didn't even acknowledge we were there, we coughed lots of times and i asked Katie if she could actually see me.
I was wondering if we were invisible. She eventually put the phone down and it immediately rang again, and then she took the call, What did i have to do to get her attention? Star jumps!?
To cut a very long story short we got the appointment and i took Katie to school.

So we went to the appointment where Dr Gupta wanted to poke Sams blister with a needle and as you can imagine he was having none of it...
He was prescribed two lots of antibiotics that are stronger, if by Monday there was no improvement he needed to go to hospital.. We went home and i explained that if he went to hospital i might not be able to be in there with him, they won't put him to sleep and he won't be able to go to school and see his friends before the holidays.. So no pressure then.. He reluctantly gave me his foot, Now they don't call me Nurse Plummer for nothing, i had that puppy drained and clean in a minute flat...

I know i must keep it scrupulously clean and use all the antibiotics, but there is now a hope of him being able to walk again..

In other news Jim had played out after school and got caught in the thunder storm which made him fall off his bike as there was a large clap of thunder, a kind lady helped him home and explained that as he was going along the cycle path past her, there was a clap of thunder and he fell off, it reminded me of the goats that fall over when there is a loud noise.

He was so bedraggled and dirty i couldn't help but laugh.

I love my kids...honest..

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Hurricane Katrina has been in my house!!!

Well, at least that's what it looked like this morning...Jim and Charlotte went off to school early as it's charity day and they have rides and games on the school field. Proper ones too like simulators, bouncy castles and waltzers, well kind of. So they went and then Sam went round to nannys as i had to go to do my cleaning job today, THEN .... I couldn't find my keys.. searched everywhere,
in the end i took Katie to school leaving the back door open.
Trouble is the keys have on it the keys to the house i clean and so i had to come home and find them before i could go and do it. After much frantic searching I found them under a pile of glue, paper and tin foil, wondered where that went..

So with all the rushing and scrabbling around trying to find keys my house now resembles
Helmand Province... The garden is not much better that looks like Fallugia in the summer time..

So the job for the weekend is clean,clean,clean and possibly clean some more..
Or maybe just put my house with contents on Ebay with a buy it now price of 50p..

So i cleaned at this house as i do every two weeks, It's lovely, everything is just so and decorated beautifully, they have skylight widow things that open when you press the remote.
I worry that they don't think i've been because when you get there it's so tidy.

And i know you want an update in the blister situation, i have a horrible feeling it's going to need draining.. yes i know, that's what i thought. Sam is not going to like that one bit but he trod on it by accident and it's moving up the side of his foot with no sign off popping. So again off we go to the doctors tomorrow and see what they can do.

Well i'm going now to hoover something and put some stuff in the bin, make some tea and get ready for tomorrow, jet wash the children and have an early night, for tomorrow it's starts all over again..

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My Kitchen Cometh..

Today my cooker was delivered, closely followed by the splash back, then the extractor hood.
At my mums the hob has arrived and the sink and taps are on their way. The date for the kitchen itself will be delivered on the 11th of September. The following Monday the 14th a man who did my mums kitchen will rip out my old kitchen, so for at least a week we will be eating cereal, sandwiches and pot noodles...
Oh but it will be so worth it. I'm going to take some pictures and put the on here of before and after, should be a laugh..

In other news my son has burst his blister, by accident i might add, not completely but lots of yucky gunge came out, he feels better though as the antibiotics must be working by now. He must be feeling better as he is currently carefully hopping on the trampoline....

I'm at work tomorrow, cleaning someones house so he will sit with nanny for the morning watching Sponge Bob and eating sprinkle doughnuts probably... Oh for the easy life!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I don't appear to have done much...

Well that's been the gist of today, the day started as it normally does with the struggle to get up,
get everyone washed dressed and eating breakfast, then out the door on time,
but today my neighbour took my youngest daughter as my son couldn't walk,
we got to the top of the road and he'd had enough, poor little mite.

I had made him an appointment for 10 past 10 and the doctor said yes it is infected and if it doesn't get better we will have to go to the hospital and have it drained!!!! nice!

So we went to my mums and he stayed there for a while so i could get the antibiotics from the chemist. Still we came home and i piggy backed him home across the park, which was kind of comical as he is nearly as tall as me!!!
We got back and had lunch, did more washing and then it chucked it down, typical..

Shopped online as i don't have a car, being able to drive would help too, I remember taking the kiddies shopping with me and coming out stressed and vowing never to take them again.
So i indulge in the delight of food shopping online and the nice man brings it to us..

My eldest daughter bought my youngest daughter home for me, My eldest son comes home by himself. The eldest two go to the same senior school but walk home separately,
i think they both think each other cramps their style.

Still we've had tea and they are now playing snooker in the dining room, well i say playing but it's mostly "it's my shot" "no it's not" "he's cheating" "mum tell him!" So i'm going to go off and referee the match. Looking back i have done a fair bit really what with the washing, washing up, making beds, hoovering, feeding pets, and administering medication i think i've not done too badly..

Monday, 13 July 2009

Big blister,too much washing and a new kitchen.

Yep that's been my day today, my son has a huge blister on his heel, not at the back but underneath, he is in so much pain, he's not big on pain.
I think he must take after his dad in that respect, i had three of my kiddies without any
pain relief at all, not even a paracetamol. I was more aware of what went on and could focus on getting through the pain knowing that my baby was nearly here and in a little while it would be all over. So back to the blister, it is big, about the size of a two pound coin and it's looking abit angry!! he can't walk on it so tomorrow i will take him to the doctors. He's not going to like that one bit...
Also today my washing pile is so huge, everyday i need to do at least two loads, but now there is a backlog, it only takes a day or two with no washing done for there to be a pile the size of a small country. My dear friend came round for a couple of days in a row, we talked and talked, drunk tea and coffee, went to sports day as our children go to the same school and we just sat around talking. He is lovely and it is nice to catch up as we only bump into each other now and then. We have known each other for about twenty years so i have known him over half my life and I've known him longer than i haven't if that makes sense. So i guess it's my fault that I'm behind,
still it doesn't happen often and I'd drop anything to spend the day chatting with him.
I guess I don't get out enough!!
And finally I'm getting a new kitchen. My dearest Dad died June 12th last year, he always said he was worth more dead than alive, we found he'd insured himself, had endowments and insurances on the house and he unexpectedly had a heart attack last year. He had a death in service payment and what with the insurances and so on Mum was able to pay off the mortgage and have a substantial amount left over. So my mum has arranged for me to have my kitchen done, we went and had it planned today and it's going to cost about £3000. It's going to be lovely, Dad always wanted to do it for me. Thank you Dad xxx

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Far too much to eat..

Today we have been out for a meal at the Toby Inn and i am well and truly stuffed. I don't think i will ever be hungry again...well at least until 10 tonight when i'm bound to feel abit peckish again. I seem to graze alot of the time but over the last couple of days i've not actually been that hungry. Something is wrong... Anyway we had a carvery and i had turkey and Yorkshire puddings, new potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, a stuffing ball and gravy, followed by a chocolate fudge sundae. I was fit to burst and it was very nice indeed. Over the years i've eaten so much comfort food i think i have become immune to it's affects and now i just eat because i'm either bored, lazy or just plain greedy. Now even my biggest trousers are alittle snug. I need to do something and soon.

About five years ago i lost 5 stone, yes 5 stone i tell you and i was a pretty good and firm size 10, luckily all of my bits and pieces went back the way they should and i don't think you could tell that i'd had four kiddies.

But then i fell off the wagon, banged my head and ended up in chocolate land.
It took a year to lose the weight and only seven months to put it all back on again.
Even resembling Kylie Minogue did not save my marriage, i realized that it was something much deeper that was wrong and loosing the weight wasn't it.

But today i realize that if you have a job tieing your shoes because your belly gets in the way then you need to do something about it. The only thing that worked last time was healthy eating and exercise, eat less do more.... So i'm going to have a little lay down now as i feel a food coma coming on and maybe a coffee and a little biscuit...or two.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

My life so far...

Well, first post and you know what? haven't a clue what to write.
I thought this would be a good idea to get a few things off my mind. Therapy is far too expensive..
So here we go...
Now according to my daughter this blog thing has to be like a diary.
She then added that my life was so boring that i would have nothing to write....
Right so i guess then it might be good to start with a bit of history. When i think back over the years most of it has been pretty good. Loving parents, never went hungry, had the best my Mum and Dad could offer. And yet some of the latter part has been a bit of a train wreck...
where oh where did it all go wrong?

So here i am, single mum, four kiddies, Ex-husband, expanding waistline, have no time for hobbies which is not a problem because i don't even know what i like anymore, don't smoke or drink, oh yes and i'm in the little room in a single bed...yes a single bed, by myself with a large toy giraffe called Jimmy. I try to see things from a positive point of view but sometimes the more negative point of view is so much more hilarious. Oh yes and did i mention nothing intimate for over two years.
I mean, you know, how can people, by choice, have none... it's beyond me. But honestly,
i'm looking for the real deal, someone to take me and my kiddies as a package deal, no half measures and in return they get everything i can give that would make their life happy and content. So i guess i'll be waiting a little while then!!