Friday, 17 July 2009

Blisters and Thunder storms..

Today has been rather eventful, It started as usual with getting up early, Charlotte and Jims last day today. Then Katie and I got ready and Sam stayed with Uncle Kev so i could take her to school. I had to ring the doctors at half past eight to get Sam an appointment for today, well it rang and rang for what seemed like an age so i thought "i know, i'll redial in a minute" BIG MISTAKE!!

It was engaged for at least 4 or 5 minutes, so i thought with time ticking by Katie will be late if i wait any longer we went to the doctors instead...
On arrival the woman who was on the phone was typing in some details of the caller on the computer, she said good bye and stood there with the receiver in her hand for at least twenty seconds, she didn't even acknowledge we were there, we coughed lots of times and i asked Katie if she could actually see me.
I was wondering if we were invisible. She eventually put the phone down and it immediately rang again, and then she took the call, What did i have to do to get her attention? Star jumps!?
To cut a very long story short we got the appointment and i took Katie to school.

So we went to the appointment where Dr Gupta wanted to poke Sams blister with a needle and as you can imagine he was having none of it...
He was prescribed two lots of antibiotics that are stronger, if by Monday there was no improvement he needed to go to hospital.. We went home and i explained that if he went to hospital i might not be able to be in there with him, they won't put him to sleep and he won't be able to go to school and see his friends before the holidays.. So no pressure then.. He reluctantly gave me his foot, Now they don't call me Nurse Plummer for nothing, i had that puppy drained and clean in a minute flat...

I know i must keep it scrupulously clean and use all the antibiotics, but there is now a hope of him being able to walk again..

In other news Jim had played out after school and got caught in the thunder storm which made him fall off his bike as there was a large clap of thunder, a kind lady helped him home and explained that as he was going along the cycle path past her, there was a clap of thunder and he fell off, it reminded me of the goats that fall over when there is a loud noise.

He was so bedraggled and dirty i couldn't help but laugh.

I love my kids...honest..

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