Monday, 13 July 2009

Big blister,too much washing and a new kitchen.

Yep that's been my day today, my son has a huge blister on his heel, not at the back but underneath, he is in so much pain, he's not big on pain.
I think he must take after his dad in that respect, i had three of my kiddies without any
pain relief at all, not even a paracetamol. I was more aware of what went on and could focus on getting through the pain knowing that my baby was nearly here and in a little while it would be all over. So back to the blister, it is big, about the size of a two pound coin and it's looking abit angry!! he can't walk on it so tomorrow i will take him to the doctors. He's not going to like that one bit...
Also today my washing pile is so huge, everyday i need to do at least two loads, but now there is a backlog, it only takes a day or two with no washing done for there to be a pile the size of a small country. My dear friend came round for a couple of days in a row, we talked and talked, drunk tea and coffee, went to sports day as our children go to the same school and we just sat around talking. He is lovely and it is nice to catch up as we only bump into each other now and then. We have known each other for about twenty years so i have known him over half my life and I've known him longer than i haven't if that makes sense. So i guess it's my fault that I'm behind,
still it doesn't happen often and I'd drop anything to spend the day chatting with him.
I guess I don't get out enough!!
And finally I'm getting a new kitchen. My dearest Dad died June 12th last year, he always said he was worth more dead than alive, we found he'd insured himself, had endowments and insurances on the house and he unexpectedly had a heart attack last year. He had a death in service payment and what with the insurances and so on Mum was able to pay off the mortgage and have a substantial amount left over. So my mum has arranged for me to have my kitchen done, we went and had it planned today and it's going to cost about £3000. It's going to be lovely, Dad always wanted to do it for me. Thank you Dad xxx

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