Sunday, 12 July 2009

Far too much to eat..

Today we have been out for a meal at the Toby Inn and i am well and truly stuffed. I don't think i will ever be hungry again...well at least until 10 tonight when i'm bound to feel abit peckish again. I seem to graze alot of the time but over the last couple of days i've not actually been that hungry. Something is wrong... Anyway we had a carvery and i had turkey and Yorkshire puddings, new potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, a stuffing ball and gravy, followed by a chocolate fudge sundae. I was fit to burst and it was very nice indeed. Over the years i've eaten so much comfort food i think i have become immune to it's affects and now i just eat because i'm either bored, lazy or just plain greedy. Now even my biggest trousers are alittle snug. I need to do something and soon.

About five years ago i lost 5 stone, yes 5 stone i tell you and i was a pretty good and firm size 10, luckily all of my bits and pieces went back the way they should and i don't think you could tell that i'd had four kiddies.

But then i fell off the wagon, banged my head and ended up in chocolate land.
It took a year to lose the weight and only seven months to put it all back on again.
Even resembling Kylie Minogue did not save my marriage, i realized that it was something much deeper that was wrong and loosing the weight wasn't it.

But today i realize that if you have a job tieing your shoes because your belly gets in the way then you need to do something about it. The only thing that worked last time was healthy eating and exercise, eat less do more.... So i'm going to have a little lay down now as i feel a food coma coming on and maybe a coffee and a little biscuit...or two.

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