Monday, 27 July 2009

How clean is my house?

Well, quite reasonable now, but it wasn't earlier.. so I've had my minions working really hard, double shifts, to get this place spic and span. Sometimes you get to a point, well i do anyway, where you think this place looks like a pigs sty and we need to tidy up and fast...When the kids broke up i spent that last day tidying up and finding the carpet again and we spent yesterday doing the same. Katie has tidied the back garden with the help of the boys. She picked up all the rubbish for me..

Jim and Sam tidied their rooms...

Amazingly, Charlotte mowed the lawn. See miracles do happen..

We tidied round and round until it was all done, the kids did really well, I know they don't enjoy it but it needs to be done..

Talking of gardens, yes I was.... with the mowing and stuff, anyway here are some tomatoes growing, and the berries we have picked so far in the freezer..

Apart from the weight watchers meal and the ice cream it's all berries.. so you can see why we had toast.

Today however I've been tidying someone else's house then came home and was so tired that i watched two films in a row, that really doesn't happen often but today i thought why not.

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