Thursday, 16 July 2009

Hurricane Katrina has been in my house!!!

Well, at least that's what it looked like this morning...Jim and Charlotte went off to school early as it's charity day and they have rides and games on the school field. Proper ones too like simulators, bouncy castles and waltzers, well kind of. So they went and then Sam went round to nannys as i had to go to do my cleaning job today, THEN .... I couldn't find my keys.. searched everywhere,
in the end i took Katie to school leaving the back door open.
Trouble is the keys have on it the keys to the house i clean and so i had to come home and find them before i could go and do it. After much frantic searching I found them under a pile of glue, paper and tin foil, wondered where that went..

So with all the rushing and scrabbling around trying to find keys my house now resembles
Helmand Province... The garden is not much better that looks like Fallugia in the summer time..

So the job for the weekend is clean,clean,clean and possibly clean some more..
Or maybe just put my house with contents on Ebay with a buy it now price of 50p..

So i cleaned at this house as i do every two weeks, It's lovely, everything is just so and decorated beautifully, they have skylight widow things that open when you press the remote.
I worry that they don't think i've been because when you get there it's so tidy.

And i know you want an update in the blister situation, i have a horrible feeling it's going to need draining.. yes i know, that's what i thought. Sam is not going to like that one bit but he trod on it by accident and it's moving up the side of his foot with no sign off popping. So again off we go to the doctors tomorrow and see what they can do.

Well i'm going now to hoover something and put some stuff in the bin, make some tea and get ready for tomorrow, jet wash the children and have an early night, for tomorrow it's starts all over again..

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