Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I don't appear to have done much...

Well that's been the gist of today, the day started as it normally does with the struggle to get up,
get everyone washed dressed and eating breakfast, then out the door on time,
but today my neighbour took my youngest daughter as my son couldn't walk,
we got to the top of the road and he'd had enough, poor little mite.

I had made him an appointment for 10 past 10 and the doctor said yes it is infected and if it doesn't get better we will have to go to the hospital and have it drained!!!! nice!

So we went to my mums and he stayed there for a while so i could get the antibiotics from the chemist. Still we came home and i piggy backed him home across the park, which was kind of comical as he is nearly as tall as me!!!
We got back and had lunch, did more washing and then it chucked it down, typical..

Shopped online as i don't have a car, being able to drive would help too, I remember taking the kiddies shopping with me and coming out stressed and vowing never to take them again.
So i indulge in the delight of food shopping online and the nice man brings it to us..

My eldest daughter bought my youngest daughter home for me, My eldest son comes home by himself. The eldest two go to the same senior school but walk home separately,
i think they both think each other cramps their style.

Still we've had tea and they are now playing snooker in the dining room, well i say playing but it's mostly "it's my shot" "no it's not" "he's cheating" "mum tell him!" So i'm going to go off and referee the match. Looking back i have done a fair bit really what with the washing, washing up, making beds, hoovering, feeding pets, and administering medication i think i've not done too badly..

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