Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My Kitchen Cometh..

Today my cooker was delivered, closely followed by the splash back, then the extractor hood.
At my mums the hob has arrived and the sink and taps are on their way. The date for the kitchen itself will be delivered on the 11th of September. The following Monday the 14th a man who did my mums kitchen will rip out my old kitchen, so for at least a week we will be eating cereal, sandwiches and pot noodles...
Oh but it will be so worth it. I'm going to take some pictures and put the on here of before and after, should be a laugh..

In other news my son has burst his blister, by accident i might add, not completely but lots of yucky gunge came out, he feels better though as the antibiotics must be working by now. He must be feeling better as he is currently carefully hopping on the trampoline....

I'm at work tomorrow, cleaning someones house so he will sit with nanny for the morning watching Sponge Bob and eating sprinkle doughnuts probably... Oh for the easy life!!

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