Saturday, 11 July 2009

My life so far...

Well, first post and you know what? haven't a clue what to write.
I thought this would be a good idea to get a few things off my mind. Therapy is far too expensive..
So here we go...
Now according to my daughter this blog thing has to be like a diary.
She then added that my life was so boring that i would have nothing to write....
Right so i guess then it might be good to start with a bit of history. When i think back over the years most of it has been pretty good. Loving parents, never went hungry, had the best my Mum and Dad could offer. And yet some of the latter part has been a bit of a train wreck...
where oh where did it all go wrong?

So here i am, single mum, four kiddies, Ex-husband, expanding waistline, have no time for hobbies which is not a problem because i don't even know what i like anymore, don't smoke or drink, oh yes and i'm in the little room in a single bed...yes a single bed, by myself with a large toy giraffe called Jimmy. I try to see things from a positive point of view but sometimes the more negative point of view is so much more hilarious. Oh yes and did i mention nothing intimate for over two years.
I mean, you know, how can people, by choice, have none... it's beyond me. But honestly,
i'm looking for the real deal, someone to take me and my kiddies as a package deal, no half measures and in return they get everything i can give that would make their life happy and content. So i guess i'll be waiting a little while then!!

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