Saturday, 25 July 2009

Off to the cinema we go...

Today we got up bright and early, washed and dressed and went to the cinema to see Bolt, the new Disney film about a dog who's whole life has been an action movie and he doesn't know it, one day he escapes the trailer he lives in and ends up in the real world, he thinks he has super powers because that is what he has in the film he is in but obviously he doesn't. He then meets up with a cat and a hamster in a ball. well they are not in it together but you get my drift..

It was a good film and the kids enjoyed it, there were lots of smaller children there from about two years and upwards. There was loads of them, they were chatting, crying, wandering about, it was a good job the film was loud..

We came out and went to McDonalds which for my children is a real treat as we must have a happy meal or something like that about twice a year, so after our two cheeseburgers, fries, chocolate corneto McFlurry and diet coke (well, you have to cut back on something) we rolled ourselves back over to the town and went to the museum. They have a exhibition of super heroes so we had a good look around and took some pictures as you see here..
This is Splatman, Batman and Dobbin...

Outside the cinema..

All aboard the skylark...(you can tell they don't get out much..!)

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