Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Oh where to begin...

Such alot has happened over the last few days not least of which my trusty computer mouse passed away at the tender age of just 2 years..
So i had to order another on but using your computer keyboard for everything is really hard and tabbing to everything takes and age.
I borrowed Charlottes mouse only briefly as she is very possessive about her things and who touches her stuff, never mind that i bought it for her in the first place, so consequently my posts here have been alittle late.. sorry.

Talking of Charlotte, Mums computer has been misbehaving lately and it could possibly be the monitor or the graphics card but anyway, she's been really stuck without it, It's funny how you can become so reliant on computers now, personally i need it to check my bank balance, my emails, food shop online,
chat to friends and so on so to be without it is really a struggle,
anyway back to mums computer, so mum wanted to borrow charlottes monitor to see if using hers would eliminate the chances of it being mums monitor that is at fault, Charlotte went round monitor in hand, and suggested that she use the other port in the back of the computer and low and behold IT WORKS!!! well done Charlotte... such a clever old stick..

The children have all finished for the holidays now and came home with arms full of things they had made and books that they have finished and won't need next term. They are glad to be finished simply because they are tired and have worked hard and need a few days without getting up at half past six in the morning. So could i actually..

Yesterday as they broke up one of the mums informed me that a little girl in the street where we live has swine flu and that her little girl and Katie play with her, great!! that means that there is a possibility that Katie will get it and so might we all.... Then this morning Katie and Jim have both woken up with sore throats and Jim is very dribbally about the nose. No temperatures though.. so we will see what happens further, if anything at all. They are stuck in the house until i can determine if it's just a cold of swine flu.. Oh the joys of being a parent..

We have also picked more free fruit from the trees and bushes nearby and frozen them until i can make them into jam, there is more fruit in my freezer than actual food at the moment, i asked the children what they fancied for tea last night and opened the freezer door, the choices where, runner beans, which we have grown, plums, cherries or blackberries, so we settled for toast.
well i think i'm up to date and on track for the first day of the summer holidays now, we have plenty to do but need to wait a while to see if we become poorly or not..lets hope not.

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