Friday, 31 July 2009

Our trip to Hitchin.

It was a good day in all, I know Hitchin is not the greatest of places to say you went to visit but we have a limited area we can travel to. Firstly we don't have our own transport, secondly the expense but we also have to take into consideration that if you are walking everywhere then Katie cannot walk for miles and miles. They enjoyed the ride on the train more than anything today. None of them had been on a train like this before although Jim and Charlotte had been on a steam train with Nan and Grandad before. Charlotte was panicking when he train went by fast as the others were not sitting down and she kept telling them to keep away from the yellow line, they were very good and didn't go near it but she felt she had to tell them all the same.. Waiting for our train..

Can you tell i've never been on a train before....

We walked for what seemed like forever and eventually got lost, it's a straight line and we took a map and we still got lost, I only mentioned that "Well, this was a good adventure" a couple of times but Charlotte felt she needed to correct me and reminded me we were lost and that's the third time you've said that !!...touchy..

After asking directions from the only person in the street who did not look lost she pointed and said "that big white building in front of you is the gallery.."

So off we went and here is what we found...

A Tardis with bubble wrap windows!!!

Jim and a Cyberman, Jim accidentally pulled his hand off (the Cybermans)

Sam and K-9

Katie and an Ood..

There are no words that can describe this picture...

And then there was the dressing up....

Of which Katie enjoyed most....

There were other exhibits in the museum about Victorian clothing and toys, it was a different kind of day out in as far as we were pleased the museum was free as it wasn't really really brilliant, but it was ok. We did have a nice time and we walked a long way. So i will leave you with a last picture which is most disturbing and can't imagine letting my children have one of these to sleep with at night...

Yes, words fail me....


  1. Looks like you had a lovely day and everyone enjoyed themselves. It proves that you can do things without a car, and find stuff to do which is not too far away, good for you.

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  3. Still struggling. The Post a Comment box is not big enough to contain everything you need to post, you have to scroll to see the bottom of it.

  4. Thankyou so much for your comments Meanqueen, I have read your blog with much admiration and great intrest, and then to find you commented on mine!! Wow..