Sunday, 19 July 2009

A Scrumping we will go..

Over the last few weeks we have picked berries, plums and cherries from the nearby trees and bushes, I have then washed and then frozen them as i intend
to make jam. There is still so much out there to pick, yesterday we were out in the alleyway and the little park and we had filled out bowls to the top, then Jim stepped of the ladder and accidentally knocked my arm and we dropped the lot!!!
I said "Oops, that was silly" and we spent the next five minutes picking them up..

My friend has apple trees in his garden and he has plum trees too, if i ask nicely he might give me some. I will attempt to make mixed fruit jam, can't wait.. I've never done it before so it should be fun. I've bought jam pot covers, saved loads of jars and have bought a thermometer for jam, we call it a jamometer.

Around the streets and cycle paths we have spotted blackberries, Logan berries and apples so i think we will be quite busy this holiday..

Talking of holiday Charlotte and Jim have already broken up from school and Sam and Katie finish on Tuesday, we have lots planned to do like making cakes and biscuits, painting and gluing together the boxes we have saved, having indoor cinema with popcorn, football and Frisbee games over the park and we have planned to go on the train to Letchworth and Hitchin museum.

Best of all we are going to see "Footloose" at the Gordon Craig Theatre.
Mostly these thing are free or cost very little same as the jam. They say the
best things in life are free and i'm sure nothing will taste better than free jam.

These are the berries we picked (There are 9lbs of them!!)

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