Saturday, 25 July 2009

Some more pictures of our day...

Unfortunately i couldn't put anymore pictures on the post so here is the rest..

Jim and Superman.

Jim, phoning to say he'll be late and can I leave his dinner in the microwave..

Jim, washing up, as he was late for tea and had to wash-up by himself..
Yes, you have to work very hard for your tea,
especially if you have been late....Super hero or not...

Sam, and your friendly neighbourhood, Spiderman!!

Eeyore and Tigger...
To anyone else, this would look strange, but don't be fooled,
this is quite normal..

Now I know you may be wondering where Katie is but she had been abit naughty, well alot naughty actually, so she didn't come out today...
maybe next time..
All in all we had a good time and where quite pooped when we got home.

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