Friday, 24 July 2009

Stir Crazy

Well I think we can say we are out of the woods as far as swine flu is concerned, then again we were probably not even in the woods, just nearby in a small thicket.. Jim and Katie feel much better and are begging to go out, their sore throats are all but gone and although they have a cough every now and again i don't honestly think it was swine flu. Just to be on the safe side i kept them in just to be sure. As we haven't been out yet we haven't done much at all and are going alittle stir crazy, and it keeps raining.!
Still we have had a rest from getting up so early but still wake up at 6:30 every day but it's nice we don't have to actually get up. Now tomorrow we are going to the cinema as it only costs £1 each, we worked out if we went in the week it would cost over £30 and then popcorn and drinks and bus fare we wont get much change from £50.
So we will see if we can get away with taking some of our own sweets and a carton of juice, after we will then be able to afford McDonald's and go to the museum as its free, the library, free too and bus fare there and back all for under £35.. bargain..

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