Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Toffee Apples

Yesterday night was such a late night for me as i had spent hours chatting to my friend on the computer, i think we talked about everything you can imagine,
I'm normally in bed by at least 9 o'clock. As a result i felt like death warmed up but by the afternoon i was a little better.
My friend popped in for a cup of tea on his way home and while we were chatting Jim managed to flood the downstairs toilet. We soaked up all the
water with towels, what a mess.....still the toilet floor is nice and clean.
We were going bowling today but what with the shenanigans the children were up to last night i had already told them if they played me up or misbehaved we don't we won't go out today. However that does mean with the money that we don't spend today we can use for another trip out when they are better behaved.
Bringing them up by myself is not easy and there are more of them than me, they are noisy, boisterous and very active kids, and if for one minute you loose your authority or control in a situation you are in big trouble. They need boundaries and to know you will enforce your rules whether they agree or not.
I love them dearly and do try to see the funny side of things, but at times they are just plain and simply naughty....
On a lighter note Charlotte had made some lovely toffee apples,
they were most scrummy and the toffee on them tasted like Wethers Originals, very lovely. She has never tried it before and so for a first try she has done brilliantly..

I know you can't see it too well but the toffee is all over it, she had just put the last bit of toffee on the top so it looks thicker..

She's such a clever old stick, as the day looks to be quite cool and rainy i think it might be a good day to make cakes with the children..wish me luck..

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