Friday, 7 August 2009

Beautiful Moth..

Last night we had all gone to bed safe and sound as usual, I listened to the rain for ages and finally drifted off to sleep, only to be woken up at 3:47am by Jim saying he was about to be sick...So we rushed off to the bathroom as fast as you can at that time in the morning, just in the nick of time for him to be very, very, as he was being sick the biggest moth I have ever seen started to dive bomb us both, I can tell you it's not easy trying to concentrate on your child being really sick, handing them tissue and a glass of water in between flushing the toilet, and then fending off this huge moth which seemed intent on bashing into us as much as it could without it passing out... eventually Jim had recovered enough to get back into bed after a quick hands and face wash and a big guzzle of water.

What I can't understand is why when someone else is being sick down the toilet you have this dying urge to go to the loo yourself???

So I know you want to see this moth, and yes I did take a few pictures of it in the morning. When Jim had gone back to bed it was still trying to kill itself on the landing light bulb so I got a large plastic basket and gently caught it so I could let it go safely in the morning. I have no idea what it is. I tryed to look it up but didn't find anything, it is really big about 2inches across as you will see here.
Yes, it is surprisingly big isn't it..

It was quite lovely and some of the inner parts of the wings were a red colour. It doesn't look that big here but imagine it trying to hit you in the head in the middle of the night.
Oh yes and Jim was fine afterwards, he woke up in the morning feeling ravenous and hasn't stopped eating all day so he can't be too ill.

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