Friday, 14 August 2009

Cook once, eat thrice..

I've always wanted to say a sentence with the word thrice in it,
and here it is, and to explain myself, I have watched a tv program "Economy Gastronomy" or the other way round, I can't remember.. anyway the chefs were working with a family to help them cut down on their food budget each week from over £200 per week to £130 per week and eat nutritiously and economically for their family..

The principal was to make a main dish and split it into "tumble down" meals for example mince, cooked and seasoned, add tomatoes onions mushrooms, you have spaghetti bolognaise, split it again and make
chilli con carne by adding chilli and kidney beans, for the last part add gravy and vegetables and you have Sheppard's that is what i have done today, cooked once and made three meals for the week.
All that just to say thrice...

I'm very interested in economising were I can and hate to waste things, Oh yes there was another program I watched about how we used to eat as a nation in the fifties when rationing was still around all be it on it's way out, food was limited and what was around was better for you. Like vegetables, you could grow yourself, if you were lucky enough to have chickens, you had eggs and when the poor old bird popped off you had chicken. Most things these days can be pinged in the microwave and that's it, dinners done,
We are loosing the art of cooking from scratch, it is, if done properly, much cheaper than processed and convenience food and there is no question it is better for you.. So ...(steps off soap box)..

So that's what I've been up to today...

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