Monday, 17 August 2009

Going to the park..

After a busy day spent tidying up, doing laundry and intermittently watching TV, we had tea and headed to the park. The children galloped around happily and ended up at the swings and slide end of the park. Amazingly there was hardly anyone there, usually you have to fight for a swing but today the park was all ours...
Which is good in a way because we take up all the swings and we seem to make a lot of noise.
We walked around the park too which has many mature trees, this one I believe is the tallest one in Stevenage.

It stands head and shoulders above the rest of the trees and you have to stand well back to see it..

We saw this amazing stump, we tried to count the rings but they were faded, on the tree behind Jim they were clearer and we reckon about 100 rings if not more..
I love this picture, kids and trees go so well together..

The thing is, even when you cover your eyes, we can still see you....

There's always one...

Now usually you might throw a stick up into the tree to get down the conkers.. not however if your name is Jim, you throw up your skateboard and it gets stuck...It did come down after a few attempts with a big stick. It's always a eventful time when we go to the park and now the children are off to bed and worn out.

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