Sunday, 9 August 2009

Jam, Jam Glorious Jam.

Today Mum and I made jam. Overnight I left out the plums and blackberries and cherries that we had picked to defrost and by the morning most of it was a nice mushy mess but still perfectly ok to use.
We made one lot of jam which we sifted out all the skins and stones from so it was really quite clear, but it just would not set, not even alittle bit,
it was quite tart and although it was a beautiful deep red colour the taste wasn't fantastic, edible but not fantastic. So with the next lot we laboriously took out the plum stones by hand before we cooked it all up and used loads more blackberries, and this time crab apples. The result, a thicker sweeter and very fruity jam, it is quite thick as it has most of the fruit pulp still in it, but it hasn't set like what you might find on the supermarket shelves but this is homemade jam and is meant to be eaten sooner rather than later, it makes you wonder what goes into shop bought jam to make it last till feb 2015..

Mum took home a jar for her and my brother to have and then my friend Mick came over to pick up their ironing and he took home a jar too, he tried some from a little jar before he took his own and I think he was quite impressed and didn't think his jar would last a few days let alone the week.. So a success I think, I'm sure each time I make some it will turn out different but now I've got the general idea as to what I'm doing how hard can it be!! Famous last words....

And so here is my jam....

Berries being jammified..

Lots of pots of jam..

I called it Hedgerow Jam because that is exactly what it is, from the hedgerows and bushes around our home, and what makes it more scrummy is the fact that it is completely free, well apart from the sugar...and the pectin....and the labels and lids....and the gas to cook it, But apart from that it's all FREE!!!!

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