Thursday, 6 August 2009

Raining cakes and frogs..

Firstly i apologise, I have neglected my duties to inform anyone who's remotely interested as to what has been going on in the Plummer household over the last few days.... I am sorry..

So apologies over and here is what we've been up to..

Well mostly laundry, much berry picking, laundry, plenty of cake making and a failed attempt to go to the cinema and did i mention, laundry..?

On an outing to the alleyway near the back of our garden we have picked bags and bags of blackberries, more plums and have spotted a pear tree that thankfully hangs over the footpath nearby. We will return to it when it is ready..
Mum, on her treks has found a cob nut tree, well done mum for spotting that one, which will be another we will return to when they are ready to be picked.

Charlotte has been very busy in the kitchen this week making lovely cakes for us to gobble up.. Unfortunately on one such occasion she made the beginnings of a cake, mixed the butter and sugar, measured the flour and cocoa powder then found we had no eggs.. she was not amused especially as the shops where shut and Tesco would not arrive until the next day.

So her mixture sat in the fridge. When we did get eggs she got out the things from the fridge tripped, lost her glasses and spilt the bowl of flour and cocoa powder across the kitchen an up the front of the cooker....

Still after a while it turned out to be a lovely cake indeed...

And here's another she made earlier..

Now I wanted to share with you what I woke up to this morning about a quarter to six, apart from an orange glow from the sun in my bedroom there was this lovely rainbow... It looked so much better than the picture shows but I did the best I could..

The day was really muggy and humid and we thought we would get out and go and do something with our day, but by the time we had organized ourselves and Charlotte had finally dragged herself out of bed, we checked to see when Ice-age 3 would be showing at the cinema and found we had missed it for today.. Katie, Sam and I went to town instead, payed some bills and bought stationary for everyone for school when they go back.

Now, Asda was amazing in as far as I ordered the children's uniforms online yesterday to save traipsing around the shops forever and the majority of it was in stock, so I ordered it and low and behold it turned up a nice big box that Charlotte has stolen and taken to her room already, she has this thing about cardboard boxes, it's the hoarder in her I think, I don't know where she gets it from!!!

So to end the day it rained, it's been wanting to all day and finally at tea time it came, Charlotte and Sam ran around like mad things in the garden trying to catch frogs, there were five of them jumping around like, well like they managed to catch three of them..

And finally Katie wanted me to mention that she made a farm today, I mean really it's a piece of paper with glitter stuck to it and some lines drawn for fences but it's lovely all the same..

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