Friday, 28 August 2009

This week in pictures..

This week has gone pretty fast and we have again been busy, but nothing more than the usual watching t.v, children playing in the garden, doing puzzles and so on. So rather than bore anyone with the mundane things, each day I took photos of different things during the week and here they are....

One morning when the children had breakfast Jim had sugar puffs
(we call them bees) and a nice big lump came out so I just poured some milk on it and watched their faces as I put it on the table, once he broke into it it just crumbled apart and it was a perfect amount for the bowl...

At tea time Jim went to pick some beans from the garden and found this curly one, next to it is a piece of pasta we found.

Another rainbow, this was taken the other morning about 6:30am, Katie came rushing into my room shouting "Mum, Mum there's a rainbow!" that went down well.... so here is the picture of the rainbow..

Bless their hearts, they tried so hard to hang out the washing for me,
they did their best... ( even if it was like watching Laurel and Hardy.)
You should see them clean out the rabbits on a breezy day...

Why does the word "Scruffy Urchin" spring to mind???

In this photo it shows exactly what the children get up to. Charlotte voluntarily got into the dog cage and between Jim and Sam they poured loads of water onto her, I only wish you could have sound on hear as she was laughing and screaming so much. Afterwards she looked like a bedraggled mess and Sam said "Mum, you need to ring The Dogs Trust". They love each other really..

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