Saturday, 8 August 2009

Off to see some trains

We have had a busy day today, this afternoon we went to the museum again, this time to see a model railway exhibition.
Both the boys love trains but Sam in particular and so he has really enjoyed this trip out today. The railway setups were quite small scale as space in the museums rooms are quite limited but it was packed with people, i've never seen it so full.
Most were middle aged men if not abit older and a number of small boys and their dads. Whilst Sam and Jim looked at the trains Charlotte, Katie and I looked at the Super Hero's exhibition again as Katie had missed it last time.

Sam next to one of the smaller exhibits.
Katie and some trams, looking rather pleased ..

Katie the four eyed caped crusader answering a call of distress..

I'm sorry, but we are so childish sometimes, we just had to...
(he is a big paper mache man who is bigger than me..)
After our afternoon of fun and frolics we had a MacDonald's, the second this week I might add. However we did use the tokens on the bus tickets so it was much cheaper this time and by the time we had come out of the museum we were so hungry we couldn't have waited until we had got home. Well that's my excuse anyway..
We got home around teatime cleaned the rabbits out and then vegged out for a while. Now tomorrow with the expert guidance of my Mum, I will attempt to make jam with some of the berries and plums that we have picked so far, there does appear to be millions of them but this is just half of what is in the freezer and quite frankly if we hadn't picked them they would have fallen onto the alleyway path at the back of our garden and rotted in a stinking mess as they do every year. I have yet to see anyone pick them in all the years we have been here so they are not going to waste this time.

We are going to use a recipe from one of my mums country harvest books which has great recipes for foraged fruit and nuts, I have my jamometer ready and my jars so I shall let you know how it goes..

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