Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Autumn Equinox

Today is the autumn equinox, which means the days will now begin to be shortened as the earth begins to see less of the sun each day now. Even though we have not put the clocks forward yet the days will now get shorter as autumn begins, and I love it...

I love the leaves turning different colours and falling so you can crunch through them,
even if I'm not with the children I don't need an excuse to walk briskly through the deepest
part of the piles of leaves, I just love to do that.

I love the fact that squirrels are squirreling away acorns and nuts to keep them going through the winter months and that hedgehogs can be seen more now as they come out to find crunchy snails and squishy slugs to fatten themselves up for hibernation.

I love that nip in the air that tells you that autumn is here and its time to get the jumpers out and your winter boots.

I love to see the spiders webs shining in the early morning sunlight as we head off to school,
we stop many times on the way to count them and see how big the webs are and the spiders.

I love the fact that it's getting darker as we head home from school, as we get in we have a drink of hot chocolate and put on our pyjamas and warm socks. We settle down to watch the telly while we wait for the slow cooker to finish our tea of casserole and mashed potatoes.

Pudding is jam roly poly and custard instead of strawberries and ice-cream.

Bedtime is marked by the fact that it is dark..

Autumn is slower and for me and my family, it's not so crazy like summer. Summer can be hot and sticky, lollies dropped, scuffed knees as they try somersaults in the pool, wasps and spiders as big as your palm, kids in and out, in and out, most of them not mine!!!

Autumn slows the craziness for me, I don't mind the rain so much, I have a brolly and some shoes without a hole, I have a few scarves that I love to have wrapped around me and I have bought enough salt to fill a council grit bin..

So as you can guess, I love autumn, and winter actually, and I quite like spring,
summer is OK but I'm glad it's over.

The leaves are beginning to change, I am so excited...

The trees at the top of the road, see lovely colours...

Some honesty, pretty flowers, Jims leaf picture, and some nuts in a basket.

I love autumn.. can you tell..

Monday, 21 September 2009

What a load of rubbish..!

I think I could personally overflow a landfill site all by myself with the amount of rubbish that I have got, it is everywhere..

All weekend I have been going through bits and bobs, odds and ends, nicks and knacks, throwing away stuff left right and center, you know all the bits that are in the bits and bobs draw, batteries, old plasters, pen lids, broken pegs, you get the idea..
I think I must have the worlds command center for a bits and bobs and they have all slowly, under the cover of darkness, been migrating to my house...
I am sorry that I have not recycled as much as I should but I think with the amount of trips it would have taken to the dump the diesel and man power to take it all away I think I can safely say I will have generated a smaller carbon foot print by just chucking it and letting the bin men take it.

This morning I have swept up the garden front and back, stacked all the rubbish wood, old laminate floor, plastic, polystyrene, old boxes and even the kitchen sink..
Today my mission, should I wish to take it, is to tidy the living room and find the carpet again, hoover everywhere, make beds and try, try and try again to get the flippin washing machine to spin.
That will be next on the junk heap if it carries on not spinning..
(ssshhh..don't tell it I said that)

So here are some pictures for you to see of my heaps of rubbish, I know you want to...

This is the old laminate flooring that I have stacked up and a few squares of carpet tiles, I have recycled the other carpet tiles and put them on the shed floor, making it cosier for the mice..

This is the front garden with a huge pile of cardboard which will be recycled and the wood will be taken down to the dump and be recycled too, even the kitchen sink will go in the metal recycle skip.... so not too bad really.

Now this is what I meant about the rubbish, in this pile there are all sorts of "stuff" that really just needed to be thrown away ..

And a final picture of the kitchen before it gets used and people touch it..

Friday, 18 September 2009

Nearly There..

The kitchen is almost finished, I am so pleased. Firstly because of all the disruption which I know is unavoidable but it is almost impossible to find anywhere tidy or comfortable to sit down, there is "stuff" everywhere. At the moment my home reminds me of the Pam Ayres poem where she has a "heaps of stuff attack, one to carry up the stairs and one to carry back" I would write some more of the verse but I can't find the book, it's in a heap of stuff somewhere...!!!

Secondly, I will be so glad it will be finished soon as I cannot wait to do some proper cleaning and tidying up, I have never looked forward to housework so much. I want to dust and polish and wipe down the worktops, I want to put things away and hoover the floor, I think maybe I've inhaled too many fumes from the glue Mick has been using to stick things down with..
But mostly I am so glad it is almost finished because it is beautiful, again thanks to my wonderful Mum and Dad, I have the most amazing kitchen and I don't think I could ever thank them enough. Dad always used to say to me "you'll never go hungry and you'll never go without, not if I have anything to do with it" and even though he is not here, he's not been wrong yet..

So today my dining room is mostly in the garden and we truly hope it doesn't rain, last night Charlotte and I moved the furniture out of the dining room and have put it in the store room and living room, the rest is in the garden, infact apart from the kitchen the whole house looks a complete mess..

When Mick left yesterday I started to tidy up and put things back into the cupboards and then Tesco turned up and so I then had to put the shopping away, and as I was putting things away the children needed their tea so by 9pm we had tea and then Charlotte and I moved the furniture, by the time we finished we were pooped.!!

Oh, and did I mention that Sam and Katie where off ill this week with a really bad cold and a sore throat, they were so ill that they could only manage to squabble over the x-box and t.v remote, and they only had enough energy to jump and play on the trampoline for an hour or two, bless them, Katie looks so poorly here...so they were only well enough to go to school the next day and the rest of the week too.

This is a picture of Charlotte helping me to clear the book shelves and put everything in the front room. I looks as though she has found something else to do like read a tiny tiny book she found and sit there while I do all the work...

This is as the tilling was being done and as you can see I chose a chocolate brown and a lighter brown colour, which is very daring for me.

This was taken last night as I made tea, the kitchen has a few more little bits to be done but it is 99% there now. The extractor hood has the cover still on, as does the sink, they are not meant to be blue.

This is the dining room at 6:30 this morning, I got up to write this before the computer has to be moved and the children got up. So today the floor goes down from the kitchen to the dining room, and if I am still alive by the end of the day I will post today's progress tonight, assuming that is I can find the computer...

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Run rabbit,run..

Most of my morning has been spent in town today as I had to buy myself some new shoes, the weather is changing and chances are it will rain more often now. I have a lovely big hole in the bottom of one of my shoes, I really needed to replace them or else get a wet foot when it rains, my other shoes have lasted me at least three years, not bad going really. On the way home Mum phoned to say the school had rung and could I go and get Jim as he was porley and feeling sick, by lunch time Jim was home eating chicken soup and looking much better.!! I wonder...

Yesterday however was spent catching up on housework and when the children came home they helped me to clean the rabbits out,.....well that's not entirely true, mostly Jim cleaned the rabbits out and I cheered him on from the side lines. It was quite breezy and so every time he lifted out the hay to put in the wheelie bin half of it shot off into next doors garden, still they have a rabbit too so maybe they will think it's their hay that escaped..

Talking of escaped one of our rabbits "Jinx" got out, it was 3 o'clock and I was shutting the door and window to go up the school and there was a scratching noise coming from under the covers on the patio set. Gingerly lifting it up,
I half expected to be pounced upon by a startled cat but sitting there happy as Larry was our rabbit.
So I chased it round and round the garden nearly catching it three times as it ran between my feet, a few more rounds of the garden and it then decided to go next door through a hole in the fence, luckily it didn't go any further than the bushes at the side so I was able to poke a small broom through the gap and nudge him back into our garden, and then spent the next five minutes trying to retrieve our broom from the hole in the fence, a few more round and around the garden and I managed to grab him on his forth attempt of his cunning double back move...I'm not stupid...
So here is the offending article...

And just for good measure here is Poppet who is lovely and not at all naughty like Jinx..

Talking of lovely (yes I was) Charlotte made some lovely broccoli cheese stuff for her school cookery lesson, it was extremely tasty if a little strange looking and green.. and lumpy...and unusual...but it did taste very... different and I hope she gets better at cooking soon....

Tomorrow I am going to my favourite place in all the world, Costa's to guzzle lots of coffee and spend time with Mum and Auntie Hazel, I am really looking forward to that, real live proper grown ups to talk to... can't wait.!!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Crikey have you seen the size of Jim's Conkers...?

They are huge !!!, he and Uncle Kev went over the park yesterday to watch the football and Jim came home with a shirt full and I'm sure there was much more over there but he just couldn't manage to carry anymore. Look!!

Today however there is a pause in proceedings on the kitchen, so I will have an opportunity to catch up on a bit of housework and washing, at the moment my washing machine is playing me up and no matter how much I tell it "I love you" and "I know you want to wash my clothes" and "I know you want too, pleeease, look I won't give you Jim's stuff anymore, promise" it just sits there and look at me like I'm some kind of idiot!!

It will wash but it needs to be cajoled into rinsing and spinning, which I would have thought, if you were a washing machine, would have been the fun part of the washing cycle....

so on average I get one and a half loads of washing completed in a day. I think I will buy paper boiler suits for the children to wear when they get home to keep down on the washing pile. They should enjoy that..

So I'm off to hoover some things and dust others, make a few beds and clear a few pathways from the bedrooms to the bathroom and back again. No doubt before I know it it'll be 3 0'clock and time to go back to school and get the little Darlings!!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Kitchen Has Arrived

Yes, at last the kitchen has been delivered and is being put together this week. Hopefully by next weekend it will all be finished, I can't wait...I've never had a new kitchen put in, only the odd new cupboard that the council put up for you. With the council cupboards even if you don't use them they still fall apart.

Over the last few days I have been moving stuff from the kitchen to the store room and so on Thursday and Friday the kitchen was finally cleared, what I want to know is, why when you are in the middle of such a large task the phone rings constantly, the man knocks to read the gas meter which you can no longer find amongst the boxes, the chap turns up to change you to another energy supplier and he needs to register your Tesco club card but in the chaos you cant find it,
the kids ask if we can have a friend round for tea and the neighbour needs to borrow roller skates !!!

Still its day one and there is alot happening and so it is very exighting to see the cupboards on the wall already.

Here is the kitchen before, some bits had been moved like the microwave but this is it before any work has been done. Nice mix and match cupboards and as you can see the first thing to fall off the council cupboards are the drawers.

This is the new high-tech kitchen-in-a-box, well several boxes actually, 108 to be exact..

I always said I never had enough storage space and here is a picture to prove it. This was done in the first hour of demolition and a cupboard was put up shortly after..

This is the end of day one and so much has been put up already and it's really taking shape now.

I think just this part alone is the total sum of cupboards that were here before, don't worry that cupboard is not fixed yet and needs to be moved up a tad..

Now I can tell you are thinking how could one live for a week in such chaos and feed everyone when you have no kitchen, yes I can hear your thoughts.... so this is my cunning plan..

At the back we have spaghetti bolognaise, mashed potato, to the side is lasagne next to that is chili con carne and there are some cooked carrots. In the freezer there is Sheppard's pie and we had hot dogs and rustic chips last night for tea.

Without the use of a cooker I have really had to think ahead to feed everyone each evening, luckily we can still use the microwave so I don't think we will starve.

Well that's day one and today is day two so later I will post progress from today if that makes any sense..

Friday, 4 September 2009

Back to school

The children have gone back to school now and I have never been so busy.
They went back Thursday morning, Katie had a few tears, she felt a little shy as she had had her hair cut and wasn't sure what people would say. It was so windy I don't think anyone noticed until she'd gone in anyway. Sam went in with no problems....apart from the fact that he'd got odd shoes on, but I don't think he was too bothered. Jim and Charlotte left later as they didn't have to be in until first break. They all had a good day and today wasn't too bad either.

I spent today at Mums helping her do a bit of cleaning and had lunch there.
We listened to some music while we worked, had a natter and drunk lots of coffee, Kevin kindly bought me a DVD player for my room as Charlotte had pinched the other one we had for her room, such a lovely surprise,
Thank you Kevin!!

I have started to diet again, I really need to loose some weight as my pants are very snug now and that's not a good thing.....so if I write it here I'm more accountable, I can record my progress and I promise, no pictures....

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Summer is over!!

That's what it feels like today, the weather has changed over the last week and there is a definite autumnal feel about now. So here we are in September and today the children go back to school. I have been awake since 5am this morning mostly because of the wind howling outside, but also because I had Jim and Sam wake me in the night with bad dreams.
It was 1:30 the last time I looked at the clock and then 5am when I got up. Still the early bird and all that...

Yesterday the children all played out for the last day of the holidays while I tidied their bedrooms and got everything ready for school, they could have helped me but sometimes it's so much easier to do it yourself.

We had a discussion over tea last night of how the holidays were this year compared to any other and they all agreed that this year, although we didn't go away anywhere, we did do alot of things and they felt it was fun and we should go on "staycation" next year too..

So once they have all gone off to school I shall, just for a little while,
sit in silence listening to the gentle hum of the fridge and the whirr of the computer fan contemplating my day, before I plug in the hoover and go and make some beds....