Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Autumn Equinox

Today is the autumn equinox, which means the days will now begin to be shortened as the earth begins to see less of the sun each day now. Even though we have not put the clocks forward yet the days will now get shorter as autumn begins, and I love it...

I love the leaves turning different colours and falling so you can crunch through them,
even if I'm not with the children I don't need an excuse to walk briskly through the deepest
part of the piles of leaves, I just love to do that.

I love the fact that squirrels are squirreling away acorns and nuts to keep them going through the winter months and that hedgehogs can be seen more now as they come out to find crunchy snails and squishy slugs to fatten themselves up for hibernation.

I love that nip in the air that tells you that autumn is here and its time to get the jumpers out and your winter boots.

I love to see the spiders webs shining in the early morning sunlight as we head off to school,
we stop many times on the way to count them and see how big the webs are and the spiders.

I love the fact that it's getting darker as we head home from school, as we get in we have a drink of hot chocolate and put on our pyjamas and warm socks. We settle down to watch the telly while we wait for the slow cooker to finish our tea of casserole and mashed potatoes.

Pudding is jam roly poly and custard instead of strawberries and ice-cream.

Bedtime is marked by the fact that it is dark..

Autumn is slower and for me and my family, it's not so crazy like summer. Summer can be hot and sticky, lollies dropped, scuffed knees as they try somersaults in the pool, wasps and spiders as big as your palm, kids in and out, in and out, most of them not mine!!!

Autumn slows the craziness for me, I don't mind the rain so much, I have a brolly and some shoes without a hole, I have a few scarves that I love to have wrapped around me and I have bought enough salt to fill a council grit bin..

So as you can guess, I love autumn, and winter actually, and I quite like spring,
summer is OK but I'm glad it's over.

The leaves are beginning to change, I am so excited...

The trees at the top of the road, see lovely colours...

Some honesty, pretty flowers, Jims leaf picture, and some nuts in a basket.

I love autumn.. can you tell..

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