Friday, 4 September 2009

Back to school

The children have gone back to school now and I have never been so busy.
They went back Thursday morning, Katie had a few tears, she felt a little shy as she had had her hair cut and wasn't sure what people would say. It was so windy I don't think anyone noticed until she'd gone in anyway. Sam went in with no problems....apart from the fact that he'd got odd shoes on, but I don't think he was too bothered. Jim and Charlotte left later as they didn't have to be in until first break. They all had a good day and today wasn't too bad either.

I spent today at Mums helping her do a bit of cleaning and had lunch there.
We listened to some music while we worked, had a natter and drunk lots of coffee, Kevin kindly bought me a DVD player for my room as Charlotte had pinched the other one we had for her room, such a lovely surprise,
Thank you Kevin!!

I have started to diet again, I really need to loose some weight as my pants are very snug now and that's not a good if I write it here I'm more accountable, I can record my progress and I promise, no pictures....

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