Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Kitchen Has Arrived

Yes, at last the kitchen has been delivered and is being put together this week. Hopefully by next weekend it will all be finished, I can't wait...I've never had a new kitchen put in, only the odd new cupboard that the council put up for you. With the council cupboards even if you don't use them they still fall apart.

Over the last few days I have been moving stuff from the kitchen to the store room and so on Thursday and Friday the kitchen was finally cleared, what I want to know is, why when you are in the middle of such a large task the phone rings constantly, the man knocks to read the gas meter which you can no longer find amongst the boxes, the chap turns up to change you to another energy supplier and he needs to register your Tesco club card but in the chaos you cant find it,
the kids ask if we can have a friend round for tea and the neighbour needs to borrow roller skates !!!

Still its day one and there is alot happening and so it is very exighting to see the cupboards on the wall already.

Here is the kitchen before, some bits had been moved like the microwave but this is it before any work has been done. Nice mix and match cupboards and as you can see the first thing to fall off the council cupboards are the drawers.

This is the new high-tech kitchen-in-a-box, well several boxes actually, 108 to be exact..

I always said I never had enough storage space and here is a picture to prove it. This was done in the first hour of demolition and a cupboard was put up shortly after..

This is the end of day one and so much has been put up already and it's really taking shape now.

I think just this part alone is the total sum of cupboards that were here before, don't worry that cupboard is not fixed yet and needs to be moved up a tad..

Now I can tell you are thinking how could one live for a week in such chaos and feed everyone when you have no kitchen, yes I can hear your thoughts.... so this is my cunning plan..

At the back we have spaghetti bolognaise, mashed potato, to the side is lasagne next to that is chili con carne and there are some cooked carrots. In the freezer there is Sheppard's pie and we had hot dogs and rustic chips last night for tea.

Without the use of a cooker I have really had to think ahead to feed everyone each evening, luckily we can still use the microwave so I don't think we will starve.

Well that's day one and today is day two so later I will post progress from today if that makes any sense..

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