Friday, 18 September 2009

Nearly There..

The kitchen is almost finished, I am so pleased. Firstly because of all the disruption which I know is unavoidable but it is almost impossible to find anywhere tidy or comfortable to sit down, there is "stuff" everywhere. At the moment my home reminds me of the Pam Ayres poem where she has a "heaps of stuff attack, one to carry up the stairs and one to carry back" I would write some more of the verse but I can't find the book, it's in a heap of stuff somewhere...!!!

Secondly, I will be so glad it will be finished soon as I cannot wait to do some proper cleaning and tidying up, I have never looked forward to housework so much. I want to dust and polish and wipe down the worktops, I want to put things away and hoover the floor, I think maybe I've inhaled too many fumes from the glue Mick has been using to stick things down with..
But mostly I am so glad it is almost finished because it is beautiful, again thanks to my wonderful Mum and Dad, I have the most amazing kitchen and I don't think I could ever thank them enough. Dad always used to say to me "you'll never go hungry and you'll never go without, not if I have anything to do with it" and even though he is not here, he's not been wrong yet..

So today my dining room is mostly in the garden and we truly hope it doesn't rain, last night Charlotte and I moved the furniture out of the dining room and have put it in the store room and living room, the rest is in the garden, infact apart from the kitchen the whole house looks a complete mess..

When Mick left yesterday I started to tidy up and put things back into the cupboards and then Tesco turned up and so I then had to put the shopping away, and as I was putting things away the children needed their tea so by 9pm we had tea and then Charlotte and I moved the furniture, by the time we finished we were pooped.!!

Oh, and did I mention that Sam and Katie where off ill this week with a really bad cold and a sore throat, they were so ill that they could only manage to squabble over the x-box and t.v remote, and they only had enough energy to jump and play on the trampoline for an hour or two, bless them, Katie looks so poorly they were only well enough to go to school the next day and the rest of the week too.

This is a picture of Charlotte helping me to clear the book shelves and put everything in the front room. I looks as though she has found something else to do like read a tiny tiny book she found and sit there while I do all the work...

This is as the tilling was being done and as you can see I chose a chocolate brown and a lighter brown colour, which is very daring for me.

This was taken last night as I made tea, the kitchen has a few more little bits to be done but it is 99% there now. The extractor hood has the cover still on, as does the sink, they are not meant to be blue.

This is the dining room at 6:30 this morning, I got up to write this before the computer has to be moved and the children got up. So today the floor goes down from the kitchen to the dining room, and if I am still alive by the end of the day I will post today's progress tonight, assuming that is I can find the computer...

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