Monday, 21 September 2009

What a load of rubbish..!

I think I could personally overflow a landfill site all by myself with the amount of rubbish that I have got, it is everywhere..

All weekend I have been going through bits and bobs, odds and ends, nicks and knacks, throwing away stuff left right and center, you know all the bits that are in the bits and bobs draw, batteries, old plasters, pen lids, broken pegs, you get the idea..
I think I must have the worlds command center for a bits and bobs and they have all slowly, under the cover of darkness, been migrating to my house...
I am sorry that I have not recycled as much as I should but I think with the amount of trips it would have taken to the dump the diesel and man power to take it all away I think I can safely say I will have generated a smaller carbon foot print by just chucking it and letting the bin men take it.

This morning I have swept up the garden front and back, stacked all the rubbish wood, old laminate floor, plastic, polystyrene, old boxes and even the kitchen sink..
Today my mission, should I wish to take it, is to tidy the living room and find the carpet again, hoover everywhere, make beds and try, try and try again to get the flippin washing machine to spin.
That will be next on the junk heap if it carries on not spinning..
(ssshhh..don't tell it I said that)

So here are some pictures for you to see of my heaps of rubbish, I know you want to...

This is the old laminate flooring that I have stacked up and a few squares of carpet tiles, I have recycled the other carpet tiles and put them on the shed floor, making it cosier for the mice..

This is the front garden with a huge pile of cardboard which will be recycled and the wood will be taken down to the dump and be recycled too, even the kitchen sink will go in the metal recycle skip.... so not too bad really.

Now this is what I meant about the rubbish, in this pile there are all sorts of "stuff" that really just needed to be thrown away ..

And a final picture of the kitchen before it gets used and people touch it..

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