Wednesday, 7 October 2009

What would we do without...

For the last two days our heating system has been broken, no matter how many times I thumped it and asked "why, oh why?" to the big button on the airing cupboard wall, the heating would not come on..

I phoned the council the next morning, Why do these things happen when the council offices are shut?.. The lady kindly informed me that they could not get anyone out to me until this morning. So we have had to boil kettles of water to wash ourselves and wash up and fortunately the weather has not been too cold so it has not been too much of a hardship..

But it got me thinking as to what would we do without. Not what could we do without,
but what would we do if we didn't have something..?

Like TV, ....OK, we could read, play games, go for a walk, play cards, sewing, knitting anyone...??

Like the Internet,....This would be hard, but instead we could write letters to each other, go to the library to look things up, again play games with each other instead of on-line, meet up with our friends instead of in chat rooms??

Like a fridge/freezer,....So we would have to buy things little and often, use food that is in season, plan ahead meals instead of taking something out of the freezer that is already made, probably healthier too.

Like a car,....Now I can speak from experience on this one and pretty much you are stuffed if you don't have a car in this world, if you want to go to town, that's fine, go by bus, if you want to go to the next town, that's fine go by train, but what if you want to go to town and buy something that you can't carry, say a bag of compost or a pack of wood? I know, I've tried and it's really hard, what about going on holiday, even just in England, with children you are really stuffed..!!

Like heating in our homes, could put extra clothes on and not wander round our homes in a t-shirt and bare feet in November complaining that it's cold today..Common sense really..

Like a flushing toilet,.... Need I even elaborate on this one?? we would be in deep...trouble.

Like hot and cold running water,.... Now we can all live without instant hot water, we could boil it ourselves, a little inconvenient granted, but not out of the question. But water itself, clean water at that, we would perish very quickly, we are so fortunate to live in a country that has the technology and resources to purify our water and yet we let it drain away with out a thought.

Sorry, getting a bit serious now,

Like electricity,....That would be really hard, as most of the developed world now needs electricity to function, think if hospitals didn't have any, workplaces, schools, trains, traffic lights, your freezer for a day, just booking an appointment at the doctors is nigh on impossible when the computers are down..

Like a home,.... without shelter we would not last long, OK, during summer we might be OK, but only the strongest of us, the old, the young and those who are ill would not last long. We need to be protected from the elements or we would die.

Like food,.... now this is something we totally take for granted, we throw away so much food that probably each household could feed another person all year with just what we throw away. We shop like the shops will have nothing on the shelves tomorrow, and then top up in the week..
But if needed a person could last some weeks without food, so long as they had water.

There are so many things, you could add like a cozy bed, a cooker, a tumble dryer, a washing machine I could go on, but you get my drift..

We are so, so fortunate to have all of these things and some of them at the touch of a button, but the most important of all the resources we fritter away like they are unlimited, never ending and yet this world is only so big, and has only so much natural resources that one day we are going to run out.

And on that uplifting note I will end my ramblings for the day, how I got from the heating being kaput to the the death of the natural world I don't know, I apologize and will write something cheery tomorrow, I'm going to lay down now, in a darkened room.

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