Saturday, 9 January 2010

Panto time...

Yep, you guessed it, we went to the pantomime last night and it was BRILLIANT.
The children really enjoyed themselves and I think Nanny enjoyed it to
(I saw you shouting!)

With many thanks to My Auntie Hazel, who kindly got us some tickets,
we went to see Aladdin.

It was so much fun, there was all the terrible jokes, a very bald Wishy washy,
lots of songs and dancing, they squirted water into the audience which Jim loved. There were laser lights and the usual "It's behind you" screaming it was so funny...

Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take in my camera but I have these pictures instead..

How good am I...

Katie had a hard job working out if Widow Twanky was a man or a lady,
for a while she was very confused,

She asked when he came out in a very short dress,"Is that a lady?"
So I said "no, it's a man dressed up"
She stared, confused for a while and she asked "Are you sure, it looks like a lady?"
Then he spoke in a deeper voice and she looked at me and said "yep, It's a man!!"

Then there was the villain who we all loved to boo and hiss at,
My kids are so good at pantomime audience participation...

And here is the whole cast who were brilliant, the little fella in the front was the Genie and he was dressed in a gold 70's style suit and the biggest Afro you had ever seen and he spoke like Barry white....
They threw sweets into the audience and Charlotte caught a marshmallow which she was very proud of, even though she doesn't like them very much....she might frame it..
Again, Thanks to Uncle Eddy, who dropped us off and picked us up which was lovely as it is at least -40 outside , no exaggeration, I think we would have really struggled with the ice and the cold while we waited for a bus.
I think all in all we had a lovely time and we were very tired of shouting and laughing by the time we got home.