Friday, 30 April 2010

Jim's leaving nursery poem

Jim has a hard time at school sometimes, lately though it's been quiet and there have been no problems. He is just about turning a corner and becoming alittle more
grown up.

Last week his class at school visited Hertfordshire University. Jim came home with a light bulb above his head, admittedly it wasn't on 100 watts but I could see it flicker now and then.

He was realising what he wants to be in the future and what he needs to do to get there.

He promptly went upstairs, found a homework sheet about Shakespear that he needed to complete, and filled it in.

Doing homework, Jim has decided, is something he will have to do from now on.
Also trying harder at school is another thing on his list. He has decided he wants to do something in engineering and mechanics. He likes the idea of college and university, he has seen they are grown up environments that he can see himself being part of.

He has come such a long way but I am all too aware that there is soooo much more to tackle yet.. However, we, as a family will be there for him, every step of the way, no matter what life throws at us, Bring it on !! (ok, but not too much just yet, I'm not quite ready)

I found this poem that I wrote for his teachers as he left nursery and went off into Big school. I might modify it and give it to his teachers as he leaves seniors.

I hope you like it....

Jim's Leaving Nursery.......

So, I've had a really smashing time,
Playing all those games,
And singing songs and colouring,
And playing with your trains.

I've had a lovely time at school,
But sometimes I've not been good,
And perhaps I've not quite acted,
The way I really should.

For the times you have been patient,
And listened to me shout,
And for the times I've been quite naughty,
And needed a "time out"

I'd like to say a "Thank you"
For looking after me,
And making sure I'm O K,
In your nursery.

But sometimes I'm really trying,
And hopefully there'll be,
More days that I am better still,
You'll not believe it's me.

You are so nice and helped me,
You accepted me as I am,
Which will help you out in a year or two,
Because next IT'S MY BROTHER, SAM!!!