Monday, 26 April 2010

Katie goes away today..

Katie has gone on her trip, last night she almost had a change of heart and didn't want to go.

We talked about what a great time she was going to have, no school for three days, being with her friends and how they might need her because they might feel that they miss home, how we all need her to come back and tell us all about the great time she had. She felt better and was off to sleep in no time.

This was at 8am this morning and she was all ready to go.

Charlotte and Jim had already gone by now but they both gave her a hug and a kiss. Charlotte allowed Katie to kiss her on the cheek. Jim couldn't stop hugging her and kissing his little sister, he told her she would have a lovely time and to be good....
Charlotte however said "You can only come back if you've had a good time".
Does that mean if she had a bad time she has to stay ???
She loves her in her own way I suppose....

As we left they wanted me to take their picture, what is it with children and pulling faces????

And then they wanted to do a silly one.........

So we went to school and at 9:15 the coach had arrived and the children were counted. We trundled off to the coach.

Across the playground...

The bus driver loaded the bags and in no time they were in their seats and ready to go. It was a very smooth operation, no time for children to change their minds and no one cryed, (children I mean).

They sat for only about 2 minutes before the driver started the engine and we all waved frantically.

Just enough time to do sign language of "I love you" and "I think you stink" by pointing to your eye-head-the person-and they waving your had like something smells.

So a last wave and off she went....

That is Katie, hands in the air like a hooligan.

As soon as the children saw me this afternoon after school, Charlotte, Jim and Sam all asked if she went OK and said that they missed her already.

I hope she has a lovely time.....


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