Saturday, 24 April 2010

Polymorphic Light Eruption...

Since going back to school last week Charlotte has been very itchy and has developed a rash that is lumpy on her face, neck, forearms and backs of the hands. We thought it could be some thing she ate, new soap, different soap powder, anything that she used or ate that was different but we came up with nothing.
Even as a small child, she has always had sensitive skin, so finds that soaps and creams always irritate her skin. This time the rash was only on the areas of skin that were exposed to the sun. It had been getting worse as the week went on so we popped along to the doctors.
She has Polymorphic Light Eruption, it's not too serious and should clear up with the help of a steroid cream and antihistamines. She was advised also to keep out of the sun if possible or at least to cover up. It could reoccur or subside as the summer progresses, we will wait and see.
I saw her playing in the sandpit by herself, under the parasol today and thought she looked very sad, bless her xx

However, she is totally not bothered and is quite happy that she has "a condition" that has such a cool name, I think she can't wait to tell the kids at school that she must stay out of the sun, (like a vampire) but is glad that she doesn't glisten like that bloke out of Twilight..

So, apart from Charlotte's Vampireism, the garden is looking better and last month, along with the sand/vegetable pit, I ordered a parasol, gazebo (for the rabbits) and a few other odds and ends for the garden. This area is just outside the back door and it's nice to sit here under the shade. We have a south facing garden and little shade so the parasol is lovely and makes such a difference.

Here are some of the sweet peas and dahlias that have grown, next to this pot is the sweet peppers and chillies.

Last month I ordered some strawberry plugs and they turned up in a plastic bag and in a box all tied together. The roots looked OK but the plants themselves looked as though they had died. I washed them the best I could and separated them. They sat in a jug of water for a hour whilst I prepared somewhere for them to live. They now live in an old rabbit hutch and this is them a month later. They look much better.

And finally, the council have been recycling more and are now taking plastic and food waste. We are able to recycle food waste, cans and tins, paper, cardboard, glass, garden waste and now plastic. I collect the food waste in a pot and at the end of the day wrap it in a piece of newspaper and put it into the brown wheelie bin. We have gone from having 7 or 8 bags of rubbish a week to just 2, how good is that?

I know this is gross but I wanted to share with you my food castle....Yuck...

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