Friday, 11 June 2010

Hail, the conquering hero

What a day!!!!!
To start with, I will say, that about three weeks ago, my precious washing machine decided that it was going to start playing me up again.....
A few months ago it did the same thing and it was begged to continue working.
It did for a few more months and then over the last few weeks it finally wouldn't spin, then it wouldn't drain and finally it wouldn't all..!!
Considering it was given food and shelter and wasn't kicked too often I think it quite inconsiderate to die now..
So for the last few weeks I have washed our clothes by hand...
As you can imagine with four children and myself that is A LOT of washing.
Why do kids play in the woods knowing your washing machine is on the blink??.
One day it took me four hours to do what would have amounted to roughly six piles of washing. Jim and I wrung it out over the tomato plants and if it hadn't been for the blistering hot weather we had at the time, it would have never dried.

In the end, my Mum did loads and loads for me in her machine, otherwise I think I would have had no skin left on my hands.
So I finally gave up and got a new washing machine.

It arrived today and what could be more simple than plumbing in a washing machine,
I mean, how hard could it be, right???....
I've seen it done before, you move the old one out of the way, taking out the waste pipe, unplug it, undo the water inlet pipe. You put the other one in it's place, you plug it in, you put the waste pipe down the waste pipe outlet, you connect the new water inlet pipe back on and Bob's your Uncle.....
In my infinite wisdom I couldn't find the water stop cock so turned off the water at the pipe connection part (you know I don't know what I'm talking about because I don't know the real words for it)..
Next..was gushing water......lots and lots of gushing water....Oh the fool that I am...
But with my stealth like thinking I shoved said gushing pipe down the waste pipe and I could hear it flowing like a water fall outside into the drain, then prayed it wouldn't backup and overflow...
At this point I was very wet and a tad panicked so quickly phoned the emergency services, luckily Mum was in and hadn't yet gone into town.
The cavalry (Mum and Kevin) arrived almost immediately, closely followed by a man, who I can safely say was aglow with his heroic knowledge of turning off stopcocks that were boxed in behind units and had no handles on.......
Hail.....The Conquering Hero, .... TOM!!!!!
Not that you will ever read my blog Tom, but I want all to know that I am, and always will be in your debt...Not only did he stop the gushing water, he plumbed in the washing machine too.
And here she is, in all her light flashing, beeping programming button glory..

Finally, I will say that when I ordered it, I didn't think to measure the gap and see if it would even fit...oops, that was lucky!!

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