Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Unsung Hero

Now here is someone who's face is rarely on this blog, admittedly she is not keen to be in the photos that I take. However I try to take some of her because she is such a important part of our family. She is a a person of few words, as most teenagers are.

Although she would be the last to admit it, she actually loves her brother Sam. It's more likely though because he's the one, in her words, who is "least annoying". Here we have photographic evidence that she almost had her arm over the shoulder of her brother. She can't deny it now.

She is also a person of many talents, one of them being the best cake maker ever. She makes a mean special fried rice with chicken. Also she made the most delicious pineapple upsidedown cake and scones to die for.
However she has managed to burn, to the point of real flames, a toasted sandwich and has flipped pancakes that then ended up in the bin. She also has a habit of starting cooking at 8 o'clock at night of which I end up with washing up duties in payment for eating her culinary delights.

She also has amazing feet, yes you heard right, feet....
(they are clean, this is their normal colour)

When I was expecting her I was a very small frame and only weighed about 8 stone (them were the days, sigh) In the latter part of the pregnancy Charlotte's feet were firmly embedded under my ribs and she was a very healthy 8lbs 7ouches...

And so they formed slightly squiffy. They are called a massive long name which I can't remember but we like the term "windswept feet" very technical....
Just to add, she loves her feet, and so do I, she had an operation to cut the tendons when she was about 3 years old and was in casts for 6 weeks. That did not stop her charging around as if she'd been just given moon boots to wear. Unfortunately she can only wear wide fitting shoes or trainers as flip flops fall off her feet, sandals will not stay on either, neither will slippers so she wears slippers socks instead. The doctors have suggested that, at a later date she could have more surgery but she loves her squiffy feet too much to part with them.
Did I mention she is a computer genius, the amount of times she has had to rescue me from myself with my computer, with a tut and huff she rectifies my problem and walks away with a comment like " stop, before you hurt yourself".
These are just a few of her attributes, and finally, as if it couldn't get any better, at school, academically she is a whizz, a star, correction and A * pupil. She loves school and hopes to stay on to sixth form and then to college. She might spend a whole weekend doing homework, not because she finds it hard, but because she is a bit of a perfectionist and wants it done properly.
At the end of this school year, their final assembly was to recognise the students who had performed well, so certificates were given for 100% attendance, girl and boy of year, house and form, homework always completed etc. There was a last certificate for the pupil who was a quiet and conscientious worker, always on time, could be relied upon, and that award went to Charlotte Plummer.
"Unsung Hero Award 2010, for someone who is always focused and motivated but not always recognised" That's My Girl..........


Thursday, 29 July 2010

A sunflower in my garden

I had every intention this year of growing millions of vegetables and flowers and sunflowers.
I was doing well with the flowers in as far as the sweetpeas were beautiful but they have finished now, same with the Dahlias. The cuecumber is doing really well and has decided to grow under the chairs in the garden, most likely to hide from Jim's flying footballs..

These are the "mini munch" cuecumbers, there where only four seeds in the pack and out of that two have grown. So far we have had six or seven cuecumbers that are about four inches long. They are best eaten that day and they are really lovely. Katie has eaten one just as it is and we will definitely try growing them again.

This one needs a few more days then it will be munched..

These are the peppers that we have grown, there where quite a few that germinated but we have had so much warm/hot weather, no amount of watering could save some of them.
These two were under the shade of the parasole so still got the heat and water but not the glaring sun. They are doing well and there are tiny peppers growing.

Now this handsome chap is very shy, he has taken three days to show his face.

Nearly there...

Here he is, Vincent Van Gogh would have been proud..

Although, Katie looks quite happy with it too, all 220 meters or 7ft 3inches of it.


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cakes, Yummy ish...

It seems a holiday tradition here to make fairy cakes, this time Katie tried some muffins from a children's recipe book. I love the book and the pictures are so colourful and the people are made of plastercine and so is the food.

Katie did most of the work herself and only needed guiding and a little help with weighing.

At this point she needed to melt the butter and mix in the milk.

Give us a smile then...

That's better, just pretend you are enjoying yourself...

I know Katie tried really hard and I think the recipie was at fault this time. I did take a photo of two plates of beautifully decorated cakes but can't find the picture at the moment. When putting the mixture in the cake cases, it was rather tricky as it had the consistancy of frogs spawn.

But not to disapoint here is a picture of what they were supposed to

look like, ish....


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sam is leaving Junior school..

This summer Sam leaves Junior school and from September goes to Senior school.

Friday 23rd July was his last day and I just can't believe he has grown up so much and is now going to seniors...

When Sam was born he was a very easy baby, although I had plenty of practice with Charlotte and Jim, he was a good sleeper and ate well,(very well!!)He loved his afternoon nap and still does. He loved playing with trains and cars, oh yes he still loves that too. He did not speak very well at first but when Katie was born and was having her yearly check I asked the health visitor to listen to Sam speak.

His vocabulary was very limited and he did not pronounce his words properly, he was referred to a speech and language therapist and for the next few years he visited them for language and speech lessons.

His hearing was checked and he was found to be partially deaf in his left ear but nothing too significant and had dull hearing in his right ear.

Over the next few years, through the school he saw speech therapists and had some extra help in lessons. This last year he was finally discharged from his therapy sessions.

When he was around 7 we changed dentists and the new dentist, in his first consultation saw that Sam was tongue tied and referred us to the hospital for an operation to "undo" his tongue..

He has continued to do well at school and is a lovely boy, he can at times be an easy target for bullies but I hope in time they will realise that he will not put up with them being so mean. He is also a good head and shoulders taller than them at this point, and is still growing at a pace. He still needs help with his lessons and has to be explained things thoroughly before he can grasp what you mean.

He is so funny at times when he mispronounces things like "tecktically speaking" rather than "technically speaking" a caravan is "portal" I think he meant "portable" and he asked me if I thought he had a good "imaginary Nation" although he meant imagination.....

But like any other child he detests housework and will try to sit on the sofa and hoover, he blows bubbles with his hands while washing up and you'd be mistaken for thinking I'd asked him to streak naked down the street with the reaction I get when I ask him to wash....with soap!!!

He's a good kid and he's come a long way, I love him to bits and am so proud of him.

(final note, I haven't the foggiest idea what I have done with the font/photos/layout and considering I have no idea how I actually managed to start my blog in the first place I'm not at all surprised, normal service will be resumed as soon as I press the right buttons by accident)

Summer Holidays are here again...

Wow, didn't that come round fast, one minute we are shoveling snow and the next we are shlurping lollies to keep cool.

AGAIN, It has been a while and I have soooo much to tell you...

Firstly we have two new babies in the family. They were born on the 16th May 2010 and they arrived at out house on the 24th June at very nearly six weeks old. A little early I know but I think the lady who had them felt they needed to go sooner rather than later.

As soon as they were home we loved them as if we'd had them forever.

By that weekend there was only one little fella left so my Mum had him. He was un-named for a few days and was then called Roley which, after much consideration and watching him fly round her home like a rocket he was re-named "Rocky". He is quite adorable.

Our little babies are soooo sweet and I know you want to see them...

This is Charlie.. This is a photo of him in his carrier going to the vets for his first vaccination. We went on the bus, Mum, myself, Jim and three little puss cats.

Now this is Florrie, short for Florence who is looking up through the opening in the pet carrier.

This is Charlie again but now on our window sill, it's quite a good vantage point for him. He can see out into the world but the world can't get him....

He is just round the corner enough that you can't see him if you look just over the sofa and Florrie is not easily able to find him, but when she does, Charlie has the advantage of seeing her first so he has the element of surprise, which is always handy...

This is Florrie, lounging on the same sofa, which is fast becoming a favourite spot. I will add at this point that, when I went to collect these little bundles of love, I was assured that Charlie was a boy and Florrie was a girl.......

When we went to the vets and everything was counted, weighed and squeazed it became apparant that Florrie was not all she seemed.....

There was more to her than met the eye, yes you got it Florrie is a boy .....

We have since tried various names from Sir Didymus, Felix, Floyd and

Mc-Flurry to Pirate, Capt'n Jack (Sparrow or Harkness take your pick) and finally Neo, (from the Matrix and also means a new form of something).

But we have finally settled on a name that we all like....

Yes, Florrie will still be Florrie.. we just can't get our heads round a new name now. I don't think he's too bothered.

I mean there are many men with girl names, like Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Gene Simmons, Robin Hood and Winnie the pooh, there is even a song called "A boy named Sue" and even a town called Alice (or is it malice?, yeah I know that's not quite the same)

So he's in good company..

We thought it would be a good idea for the puss cats to meet another member of the Plummer clan while they are still young, So this is Poppet our ever expanding rabbit and Charlie.

Florrie would not sit still long enough to be in the picture and was determined to see if he could ride Poppet like a pony ride outside Tescos. Suffice to say Poppet was not amused and kept bucking him off..

I will leave this entry here as I have another up my sleeve for later.

As I said there is soooo much to tell you.