Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sam is leaving Junior school..

This summer Sam leaves Junior school and from September goes to Senior school.

Friday 23rd July was his last day and I just can't believe he has grown up so much and is now going to seniors...

When Sam was born he was a very easy baby, although I had plenty of practice with Charlotte and Jim, he was a good sleeper and ate well,(very well!!)He loved his afternoon nap and still does. He loved playing with trains and cars, oh yes he still loves that too. He did not speak very well at first but when Katie was born and was having her yearly check I asked the health visitor to listen to Sam speak.

His vocabulary was very limited and he did not pronounce his words properly, he was referred to a speech and language therapist and for the next few years he visited them for language and speech lessons.

His hearing was checked and he was found to be partially deaf in his left ear but nothing too significant and had dull hearing in his right ear.

Over the next few years, through the school he saw speech therapists and had some extra help in lessons. This last year he was finally discharged from his therapy sessions.

When he was around 7 we changed dentists and the new dentist, in his first consultation saw that Sam was tongue tied and referred us to the hospital for an operation to "undo" his tongue..

He has continued to do well at school and is a lovely boy, he can at times be an easy target for bullies but I hope in time they will realise that he will not put up with them being so mean. He is also a good head and shoulders taller than them at this point, and is still growing at a pace. He still needs help with his lessons and has to be explained things thoroughly before he can grasp what you mean.

He is so funny at times when he mispronounces things like "tecktically speaking" rather than "technically speaking" a caravan is "portal" I think he meant "portable" and he asked me if I thought he had a good "imaginary Nation" although he meant imagination.....

But like any other child he detests housework and will try to sit on the sofa and hoover, he blows bubbles with his hands while washing up and you'd be mistaken for thinking I'd asked him to streak naked down the street with the reaction I get when I ask him to wash....with soap!!!

He's a good kid and he's come a long way, I love him to bits and am so proud of him.

(final note, I haven't the foggiest idea what I have done with the font/photos/layout and considering I have no idea how I actually managed to start my blog in the first place I'm not at all surprised, normal service will be resumed as soon as I press the right buttons by accident)

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