Thursday, 29 July 2010

A sunflower in my garden

I had every intention this year of growing millions of vegetables and flowers and sunflowers.
I was doing well with the flowers in as far as the sweetpeas were beautiful but they have finished now, same with the Dahlias. The cuecumber is doing really well and has decided to grow under the chairs in the garden, most likely to hide from Jim's flying footballs..

These are the "mini munch" cuecumbers, there where only four seeds in the pack and out of that two have grown. So far we have had six or seven cuecumbers that are about four inches long. They are best eaten that day and they are really lovely. Katie has eaten one just as it is and we will definitely try growing them again.

This one needs a few more days then it will be munched..

These are the peppers that we have grown, there where quite a few that germinated but we have had so much warm/hot weather, no amount of watering could save some of them.
These two were under the shade of the parasole so still got the heat and water but not the glaring sun. They are doing well and there are tiny peppers growing.

Now this handsome chap is very shy, he has taken three days to show his face.

Nearly there...

Here he is, Vincent Van Gogh would have been proud..

Although, Katie looks quite happy with it too, all 220 meters or 7ft 3inches of it.


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