Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I can smell autumn...

I can, you may think me crazy but it's nearly here. There are fruits and berries in the trees and bushes and although the trees are not turning their wonderful golden colours just yet, I'm quite sure they are not so green. Summer is fading, it's nearly here I tell you...

This years summer has been unusual in as far as, we had no rain for least two months, the grass in the front garden almost turned to straw and it's only been these last few weeks with the occasional rain shower that have allowed it to recover. There have been hot days followed by cool cloudy days. Then again, this is an English summer so what did I expect. And now the days are rapidly becoming more unsettled and overcast. No doubt we will have a last burst of heat before it fizzles away for good, but It's changing, the relay baton of summer to autumn is being passed.

And I, for one am so excited. I LOVE autumn.

I want to squirrel away my supplies for the impending bad weather, when you don't want to face the rain and the cold and dare I say it, SNOW....

This years fruit and berries have been good but the council thought it best to prune heavily the bushes and trees around the park in early July, hence alot of fruit did not grow and alot of the things that were growing were cut down. Silly council.....

There is probably one more picking time before the rest of the blackberries are all gone.

This is my pantry, a few years ago we turned the store room onto a pantry/laundry/if it's lost or don't know where to put it, this is the room it will be in room.

It does need a tidy up and there is likely more on the shelves now than when I took these pictures. Even on shopping day this is what we have on the shelves, and then shopping comes.

I only buy what we will eat and rotate what is here, so the oldest products get eaten first.

I think we could last a couple of weeks without going to the shops and if someone (ie: Me) got ill and couldn't get out to the shops, we would not starve..

In here I only store dried goods or tinned. Things that have been opened or are perishable once opened are in the kitchen cupboards or fridge.

Last year, with the dreadful snow that we had, the country ground to a halt and deliveries to shops and supermarkets were impossible. Salt was in short supply as were milk and bread. This year, over the last few months I have bought salt each week with my shopping and now have more than the council had last winter.

I have dried milk, flour, yeast, tinned meat, vegetables, potatoes, fruit and pet food and litter, not to mention toilet rolls and medical supplies.

I learnt from last years problems that we needed salt and to stock up while we can, to effectively "make hay while the sun shines" and you can never be too prepared. It's not just for our own benefit though, should someone need something and we have some, it's nice to be able to help if we can.

And I'm not done yet, there is still jam to make (don't worry Auntie Hazel, it won't be long now, I promise) and the jar for winter gas money to be added to each week. Hot water bottles to be bought and yet more socks and gloves to be found or bought (the boys lost theirs).

I love autumn and winter, I love to squirrel away things for a time of need, to prepare my family for what lies ahead, it doesn't even have to be bad weather ahead, it could be financial hardship that causes difficulties.

But I know if my little family have a roof over their heads and food in their tummys, a warm snuggly bed and all the love in the world then it can snow up to the roof tops. (although, strictly speaking that would not be good, because all the wild animals would die, but you get the idea!!)


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