Friday, 3 December 2010

And then there were three....

We have had a delivery today. A rather pretty little bundle of fur. I don't have a photo just yet but i'll take some and post them in the next few days..

I had a phone call in the week explaining that someone had a cat that they didn't want, they were not prepared to look after it and was thinking of getting rid of it in a not very nice way...

She has not been neutered or vaccinated, de-flead or wormed. By the sound of it she has been left to roam the streets and has no proper home to go to.

Her name was socks and she is a very pretty cat who actually looks very much like our Florrie.

She travelled along way to get here and arrived cold and a bit frightened.

My wonderful Auntie Hazel has lent me a nice big dog cage for her integration into the fold, and so far she likes it in there very much. She has a blanket and a cushion, a cat igloo and a toy to play with. It is lined with newspaper and some doggie/moggie training mats, and then her litter tray. It's quite a pad with all mod cons. What more could a puss cat ask for.

She is very friendly and she even laid down on Katie's lap and then went to sleep.

She has hissed at Charlie who looked at me as if to say "did you know there is a cat here?" He's not very bright....

Florrie on the other hand, was more than aware there was a new cat on the block,
he went over to greet her straight away, and then she hissed at him too...
At this point they don't seem too bothered and we are trying not to make a big fuss. We need Charlie and Florrie to know we still love them too.

When Charlie and Florrie go out we have let her out of the cage to have a stroll around and investigate, but after a few minutes she goes back in the cage so we close it again so she feels safe.

She is starting a new life here and so we are changing her name to Penny. I tried to think of a new name for her. The black and white cat from "Pepe La Pew" came to mind, that poor little cat he adores. Apparently her name is Penelope. So Penelope it is, and we shall call her Penny.

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