Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What is the world coming to ????

I don't usually have a moan but I need to let this out.

They say letting your feelings out to others is good therapy,
a problem shared is a problem halved and all that.....

I watched TV the other day with Katie,
we were watching her program on a kids channel.

Then the adverts came on, most these days are "Cilit Bang"
"Vanish carpet cleaner" "Detox surface wipes"...

It has just occurred to me that these adverts are not aimed at the children,
they are aimed at the adults sitting with the children, ooh I get it now.....

Anyway, this one advert had me stunned..

It was an advert showing the terrible germs we have on our hands.

Guess what we do with these germs before we wash them off.....

No?... OK, I can see you're struggling.

We pass them from our hands to the PUMP DISPENSER FULL OF SOAP!!!!

Lawks a mercy, what is the world coming to!!!!!!!

Yes these horrible, horrible germs, are passed to the pump dispenser top ......

These are aliens, but they play the part of you going "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH !!!!!!"

(OK, stay with me on this)

So there I was, aghast at the idea that the terrible, horrible germs would actually go onto the pump dispenser. I wracked my brains in a quest to find what could be the answer to this dreadful conundrum........ (bare with me)

"I know !!!" Said some over paid ten year old in a board room somewhere...

"Wouldn't it be good if we didn't actually touch the dispenser with our horrible dirty,
germy hands????!!!!" said the ten year old board room executive..

"Heavens ten year old boy" Yelled the over paid fat cat boss man,
"how will it actually work if you don't touch it????"

"Well Boss Man, there would be a mechanism inside that sensed there were germy,
grimy hands nearby and dispense a squirt of liquid soap onto the germy,
grimy hands!!!!" Wailed the ten year old boy...

"Genius" Bellowed the Fat Cat Boss Man, "and we can charge an extortionate price for such a revolutionary gadget. We can put a "Was £10 now £6.66" on the price ticket so everyone will feel they are getting a good deal, Well done son..."

"And" Continued the chubby Catlike Boss Man " it will look sleek and hygienic and everyone will feel that they need one to be clean, BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T TOUCH IT WITH THEIR HANDS!!!!!"

"There hands will be dirty....."

"And then clean....... This time next year we will be millionaires"
The cleaner lady with rollers in her hair popped her head round the door and said "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation, but may I ask, If there were germs on your hands and then you touched the pump to dispense the soap, you would put your germs on the pump right? and if there were germs on the pump already from the previous person, those germs would be on your hands now too right? and correct me if I'm wrong, but this is what you are trying to avoid by having a no-touch dispenser, am I right? Well, my thought is this, whether you touched the pump or not your next action is to wash your hands, therefore washing off the germs picked up from the pump dispenser or elsewhere anyway..... Just a thought" And Mrs roller hair lady smiled and continued to hoover the offices....
I feel soooooo much better now. Thank you.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Making it add up....

This is a post about money and I waffle on for ages, you have been warned.......

Finances seem to be the thing on every ones mind lately. The finances of the world,
the country, local councils and our own personal finances. They all have one thing in

Theoretically, what money comes in should be more if not equal to what goes out.

And that is the key, in theory that should be the way it goes. But as we all know,
something usually stops that theory and that is called reality.

In reality, for many people nowadays, they have lived a life beyond their means.
What money now comes in, is less than what money goes out.

Now we are finding we have to pay for it. Apart from a select few, we are all in the
same boat to one degree or another.

Our circumstances may be varied and way of life may have different values and principals, but overall, no matter what walk of life you come from, the formula is the same.

What comes in must be more if not equal to what goes out.

The reason this has come to my mind lately is that Charlotte, on turning 16, has applied for a student bank account. It comes with all sorts of freebies like student rail card at a reduced price, mobile top-ups and free online banking, you even get to choose the image printed on your debit card, she has chosen jelly beans by the way.....

There was alot of gumpf to read through, which she duly did, and then found she was none the wiser. All she wants to do is put money in her account then have the facility to draw that money out when she is ready to do so. She doesn't want an overdraft, she just wants to know that what goes in, is equal to if not more than what goes out....

I do believe she has learnt this by watching and following along with the
financial aspect of running a home. She is quite adamant that she will
not allow herself to get into debt and that if she hasn't got the money now,
she will wait and save for whatever she wants and pay for it then.

Charlotte has however, not had the "Bank of Mum and Dad" to rely on,
and realizes the value of money. Charlotte has also experienced the good
feeling of saving for something week after week, to then finally be able to
afford her own laptop, that is truly hers, she should be quite proud of herself...

When the children's Dad moved out four years ago we had to, as a family,
sort out pretty quickly what to do with the money we had. I have been
extremely lucky in as far as the children have never had the idea that money
grew on trees, that if you pester long enough you would get it,
and that fashion and the latest gizmo was not a must have for them.
They are happy with what things they do have.

Four years ago we sat down around the table, all five of us, and looked at
what we have, what we need, what is the priority and needs to be paid first.
For as long as I can remember I have used a book to record what happens
to the money each week, I use envelopes to separate what cash I have to
pay each bill. If I go to the post office to pay bills, I might put the rent,
TV licence, gas and electric all marked in the same envelope with the
relevant cards, it saves time at the counter if it is all in one place.

The children sat with me, with a cup of coffee, a calculator,
a note pad and the amounts of things that needed to be paid,
whether it was weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and worked it all out.
There was even some for pocket money..

The number one priority for existence is this:- shelter, sustenance and covering...

They know that you must always pay these first:-

(1) A roof over your head/rent/council tax etc
(2) Adequate clothing and shoes
(3) Nutritional food
(4) Heat and light

Then come things that, whilst not essential, are needed when you have children
and make life easier. These are:-

(1) Communication ie:- telephone/internet
(2) Adequate furniture and furnishings
(3) The latest X-Box 360
(I'm kidding, I was just seeing if you were paying attention)

Everything else comes after that if you can afford it, and that includes pocket money....

However, sometimes life throws a spanner in the works and the children
will come home with a letter that asks for money for the latest field trip,
someone will come home with a wet foot and the realisation that their
shoe has a hole in it and they need to be replaced or the washing
machine decides to die and the extended warranty finished the month before.

That's when you become an expert in juggling money and finding a way to make it work.

(Caution: prophetical summary coming up).... Fortunately, I have now got a
grip on our finances and steer our home and finances like a ship through the
stormy waters of life. Some days the waters are calm and we are sailing
through but in this time of uncertainty, rising prices and an unstable
economy there are storm clouds on the horizon.

So we had best be prepared and do the best we can with what we have got.

Friday Night...

On Friday just gone, Mum and I went to see a Queen tribute band. It was very good and very loud. Lots of people there were my age and older, obviously from the era of original Queen fans.

I remember Queen's music while growing up and was brought up on it,
along with the likes of Elton John, Dire Straits, David Essex and of course
Cliff Richard.

As a result I know all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody, Private Investigations
and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road to name but a few.

Many a summer holiday was spent blasting out their songs, windows wide,
while Mum hoovered and dusted to Crocodile Rock, Miss you nights and
We are the champions..

This chap is Gary Mullen who won "Stars in their eyes" in 2000.
He was very much in character and I think Freddie would have be proud
of his performance.

He did a one night only gig here in sunny Stevenage. By the end of the show
we were all stamping our feet and whistling for more.
Well Mum and I were anyway... We finally got home around 11:30pm,
very late indeed but certainly worth it.
However good he was, you can't beat the real thing. So many of the great artists have gone now and music is all the poorer for it. I have passed my love of Freddie, Elton and Cliff on to my children and they could do a good rendition
of "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "Tiny Dancer" themselves which keeps these
wonderful songs alive that little bit longer.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

My Day...

I thought I'd write about a morning in the life of me. Not very interesting probably but It's pretty much what I do most days.

Early start 5:45 the alarm goes off and Radio 4 comes on.
Listen to Radio 4 until 6am and the headlines.
Get up, put on dressing gown and stagger out of bed.
Negotiate stairs with three cats trying jointly to trip me over whilst meowing
to go out and have food.
Let cats out front door.
Lets cats in who have changed their minds.
Put lights on and kettle.
Trip over cats as I get them their food.
Feed the cats that are now trying to eat the food as it comes out of the tin,
whilst deflecting there advances with the open tin lid.
Wipe tender cuts in gravy from Charlies head and ears.
And Florries tail.
Make coffee.
Lets cats out the kitchen window.
Push cats out of kitchen window on to window ledge and shut window.
Let cats back in through kitchen door......
Sit at PC and open emails.
Drink coffee and remove cat from keyboard....twice..
Take tablets for poorly back and log on to BBC News.
Listen to weather and news whist reading blogs that I follow, remove cat from keyboard.
Drink coffee before the cats spill it....again...
PUT cats out because of them mucking about and being silly.
Realize it is nearly 7am and get Jim's tablets and a drink of water.
Wake children by going into each room and telling them, "wakey wakey, rise and shine" in a happy way. (this is important)...
Go to Jim's room.
Come out of Jim's room and leave the door open to let the smell out before
I go back in.
Re-wake Charlotte, Sam and Katie, who by now have told me they,
"Can't get up it's too warm in bed" "Can't get up it's too cold outside" "Don't want to go to school" "Feel ill" " Have a tummy ache" "have died" "school said yesterday that it is cancelled today".
Re-wake Jim after fumes of bedroom have dissipated.
Tickle Jim under the covers and tell him "I can see you are not dead because I can see you breathing."
Sit with Jim until he wakes and is able to take his medication.
Explain that it is not a good idea to hold your breath for that long.
Finally get everyone to wake and go downstairs.
Send Sam back upstairs with bed covers and pillows, reminding him that he can't eat breakfast at the table while still in bed...
Ask everyone what they want for breakfast while letting the cats back in through the kitchen window.
Make toast, heat pancakes, make weetabix and pour glasses of milk and or
orange juice.
Explain why you can't have chocolate biscuits and cheese for breakfast.
Call Sam to come downstairs as his food is getting cold.
Find a PE kit for Jim.
Negotiate a hostage situation involving Katie's Barbie and a
blueberry muffin....(I know...)
Remind everyone of the time and throw a toilet roll up the stairs for Jim.
Call Sam again and tell him that the cats ate his breakfast and there isn't anymore.
Iron Charlotte a polo shirt and find her odd socks to wear (at least they are clean)..
Give Sam the last chocolate biscuits for breakfast as there is nothing else to eat now.
Explain to Jim that, that is all there is, and if he hadn't of let Penny eat Sam's food,
he would have had breakfast like you....
Turn off computer because Katie won't stop playing Pet ville and go and get washed.
Help Sam find his lunch card.
Sniff Sam and realise he has not washed and send him back to get washed,
with soap!!
Ask "why exactly, are you throwing coat hangers down the stairs??" to Jim.
Ask for Sam to throw down the toilet roll for Katie in the downstairs loo.
Help Charlotte find the black hairbrush she likes.
Beg Charlotte not to go to school yet and stay with me, saying "don't leave me with them please!!!"
Sniff Sam and check he is clean, tell him not to forget his lunch card this
time and put it in your pocket.
Pick up coat hangers.
Sign Jim's Planner and remind him to brush his teeth.
Sigh, roll eyes and bang head against wall when Katie says
"I need a Greek Costume today"
Say good bye to Sam and shut the door after letting the cats frantically escape...
Let Sam back in and hand him his rucksack.
Say good bye to Sam and shut door.
Help Charlotte on with her rucksack which feels like it has ten bricks in it.
Tell Jim he needs to wear a coat as it will rain later.
Put Jim's planner in his rucksack and ask him to find Sam at school and
give him his lunch card.
Say good bye to Charlotte and Jim.
Tell Katie to hurry up in the toilet we have half an hour and we have to go.
Get washed and dressed in five minutes.
Remind Katie we have twenty five minutes left and to get off the toilet.
Realise Katie is not on the toilet.
Turn off Pet ville and send her upstairs to get ready, Pronto!!
Wash up breakfast plates bowls and cups.
Brush hair, clean teeth.
Find Katie's cardigan behind sofa and re-iron.
Help Katie brush her hair.
Katie cleans her teeth while I find her a Greek Costume consisting of an over sized white T-shirt, black leggings and Charlotte's rainbow belt.
Let cats in.
Put all Costume items in a bag.
Sign Katie's reading record.
Find Shoes from back of airing cupboard where they have slipped down and are amongst the spiders webs.
Get coats on and bags.
Check we have keys, phone and purse.
Leave the house.
Go back inside and get costume from dining room table.
Leave the house.
Go to school.........

Then the day begins.......

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sometimes I wonder...

I really wonder about my children sometimes, mostly if they are actually mine.

Last night Katie and I took Penny for her post operative check up.

(is that what it's called??, I'm not sure, sounds good anyway).

On the way home we pass a Dentist, It is in a house like any other in the street, but inside there is the Dentist Surgery. On the wall outside and in the window there are the signs and notices that show that it is a dentist.

Katie asked me, as we walked passed, what it was like in there, and is that the dentist that Jim hates.

We used this dentist for a while when the children were younger for convenience, but they hated it, and Jim in particular, hated going there. The Dentist was not always patient and was a little rough. As a result the children really did not want to go, so I changed the dentist to one in town. It is a bus ride away but they are so lovely there and the children go with out a problem.

So I explained to Katie that we had once used this dentist but he was not very patient and a bit rough so Jim, in particular, did not like it there.

Katie said "I'm not surprised he didn't like it, it's not a real dentist anyway,
That dentist is a Dentist Practice so they don't know what they are doing yet."

That really made me laugh...


When we left for school this morning the sky was red and shades of orange and purple, quite beautiful.

They gave everywhere a glow of red and orange..

It was quite lovely...

But as we left for school, Katie wanted to know if it was safe to go out there, what with the red, orange and purple sky..... Yes Katie it's quite safe to go out with the sky being like that....


Monday, 10 January 2011

Pointless soup

This following picture is not, I repeat not a picture of soup....

This is a picture that I forgot to add to a previous post about puss cats.

This is Florrie giving Penny a hug in an Amazon box... awwwwww!

And this was my dinner last night, it is a recipe that was told to us many years ago, by someone who once came to stay for a weekend and then became part of the family. Thank you Paul for this yummy concoction that you made up and shared with us. It can be eaten warm or cold, in a sandwich or I like it in a jacket potato.

It is a tin of tuna, drained, about half a tin of beans and half an onion chopped and gently fried until it starts to soften. I like chunks of onion so I don't cut it too small and I like it with a bit of bite so I won't cook it too long.. omm nom nom...

Then you just mix it gently so as not to make it too mushy and heat it through,
then eat..

This is the beginnings of soup, Pointless soup..

As you can see there is a cauliflower with leaves (I like the leaves so I keep them on) two orange peppers, a red onion, a butternut squash, a pack of celery and I used three large carrots.

I chopped them all up into chunks. I don't even peel the carrots I just top and tail them and chop them up. Everything is big and chunky. I used my jam pan, which is huge, to cook this in.
I filled it with water so it was just covered, I reckon about three or four pints and then I dissolved two vegetable stock cubes in boiling water and poured that in too. I stirred it all up and brought it to the boil and then reduced the heat and let it simmer for about and hour.
When it has all softened and cooled slightly, there seems to be a lot of water but that's OK. I then get the hand blender and blitz the living daylights out of it so it is like puree. It is up to each individuals taste, if you like lumps just don't blitz it too much.

Add a bit of salt and pepper to taste and Viola !! done.

It is called Pointless soup because when Mum and I used to go to Weight watchers all the vegetables were pointless, you could use any combination and make soup.
Me, being me, put in all the vegetables I could find and made pointless soup..

It has made about 12 portions of soup, most of which I have frozen and the rest Katie and I polished off. Sam will not touch any vegetables apart from sweetcorn, however he woofed down a bowl of this in two seconds flat.
He said "it was lovely but it's a shame it makes the house smell..."
Thank you Sam...not.

Before I go I would like to show you the amount of crockery and cutlery that I found in Jim's room. (ok, not the slow cooker or the microwave). I swear he is secretly running a midnight cafe in his room when everyone has gone to bed. The kitchen cupboards were getting bare, even when I had washed and wiped up, there was so much missing.
That's what you have to look forward to with teenage boys, delightful creatures.
And it took him ages to wash it all up too....


Sunday, 9 January 2011

A pain in the back

I have a poorly back.... Way back in June last year I went to the doctors and told him of the constant pain I have in my lower back.
After having four children I was not entirely surprised that my back would give me a bit of jip now and then.
However, this was getting silly and I was loosing sensation in my legs and feet after too much walking or activity. Then my feet and legs would go to sleep and it felt as though I was wearing lead boots. Bending was becoming impossible and I really needed to get something sorted out with it.

The Doctor sent me for an MRI.

This is not my MRI picture (below) but it is very similar. Looking at my MRI picture in the consultants very warm and stuffy room made me feel very queasy. He kept moving it backwards and forwards through all the images so I could see inside my own back.
So I concentrated on the smiley face sticker in the corner of the screen until he had stopped mucking about...
I genuinely thought he was going to send me home with a sheet of exercises and be told to take some paracetamol. But, he said I had a very interesting problem and quite a serious one....

So, I have a Grade 1 spondylolisthesis. Which means the backbone has slipped forward 25% and is cutting of circulation and damaging the nerve endings. It is a grade 1 of 5, so it could be a whole lot worse. But it could go from a grade 1 to a 5 by stepping of the curb wrong, so I do have to take care. Especially when the pavements are icy.
I have already done a Bambi impression but did not fall right over.. and I wasn't half as graceful..... or cute...

So here is what it looks like inside....

This is the definition found on the Interweb...
What Is Spondylolisthesis?

I. Definition

The word spondylolisthesis derives from two parts - spondylo which means spine, and listhesis which means slippage. So, a spondylolisthesis is a forward slip of one vertebra (i.e., one of the 33 bones of the spinal column) relative to another. Spondylolisthesis usually occurs towards the base of your spine in the lumbar area.
I also have a .... Bilateral pars interartialaris fracture.

Along this line that the arrows point at, there is a fracture, on both sides, left and right of the spine... Just for fun.....
I find doing things that require alot of bending and walking a real pain, I have to plan my days carefully and can't do to much travel and walking in that day. I space my week out so I'm not doing too many things in one day.
Household jobs have to be done at a slower pace and some are delegated to more capable small people. I take a break every now and then to get the sensation back in my legs and to straighten up my stiffening back, then I can carry on.
I can't really have a lie-in as such as I need to get up and take drugs to unstiffen my back. If I do, I really wish that I hadn't. It takes at least an hour to fully be mobile in the morning, so I get up an hour before the children at six am. I have a chance to guzzle coffee, read my e-mails and take drugs before the day begins.
This is by far the best incentive to loosing weight, If I do need an operation, (I'm still on the waiting list) My chances of recovery are greatly improved if I wasn't such a fat hippo-heifer-moose. Loosing the weight would relieve the pressure on my back and there would be less of me for me to carry around....
But it is still a struggle to even muster up the will power to stick to a diet. Over the years I have used food as a comfort to make me feel better, I think I also have used my ever growing size as a way of protecting myself from other people.
The bigger you are, funnily enough, the more invisible you become...Or so my twisted way of thinking tells me. I think I need to start with my way of thinking and then the weight loss will eventually happen....

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Making Plans....

At this time of the year I like to make plans for the future. The days are short and cold, the daylight is rationed and it's cold, cold, cold. The garden looks like the Somme and is in dire need of some TLC. Or a farmer, or both....

Did I mention that it is cold..... brrrr!!!

It is most certainly the time of year to do some armchair gardening..

I seem to spend half the year preparing for the winter months when I know it will be cold and damp and miserable. Making sure we have blankets, soup and salt for the paths. (Soup to eat, not for the paths....)

The other half of the year I spend looking forward to the summer when I prepare by hunting out the jam pot covers, looking out for ice-lolly moulds and planning what seeds to get this time round.

So here is a list of the little delights that are in the post, on their way to me now.

First up, we have chamomile...not quite sure why, but they look like bloody big daisies to me, and I thought, If I get really stressed out, I could make them into a warm, soothing tea...

(who am I kidding, I hate tea and it makes me physically sick, so we will go with the idea of Bloody big daisies....)

Cress, everyone loves cress and you can't have an egg and cress sandwich without it (or it would be just an egg sandwich)...

Tomatoes, everyone loves tomatoes, well apart from, Jim and Sam, Katie is not too keen and I don't think Charlotte likes them either.... but I do, and Mum does, So we will have tomatoes...yay...

And if red ones aren't good enough, we will have yellow, just for fun....

Again, everyone loves spring onions, especially purple ones......OK, well I do anyway....

Cuecumbers, hooray we all love cuecumbers. Well the girls and I do, the boys made vomiting noises when I said I was to grow cuecumbers... so they can go without.

Carrots, now who doesn't like carrots.......no? OK, more for me then.......

I know they will love beetroot, especially long cylindrical ones.....no,? not beetroot either ..? OK, so, you like the jam I make right??????

You know, the jam, with the pretty pot covers and stickers. The jam that takes me all day to make????

Fine,....Well I know people who do like my jam, so you don't have to worry yourselves about my lovely jam.
They will all go to good homes and I won't force you to eat any lovely, scrummy jam that I lovingly made.....

I know people that will love to have them, with the pretty pot covers.... that cost a fortune.... Which is the reason why you don't have pocket money this week..... :)


This is Penny (Penelope)...

She had an operation on Thursday so she can't have babies now. It's the sensible thing to do, she has been micro-chipped aswell.

She is just a baby herself and can't be much older than six months. This picture was taken just a couple of days after we got her, she found a neat hiding place on the top of the monitor. It's high up and warm, she's not daft...

This is our Florrie (Florence). They are similar in colouring although looking at them from above you can hardly tell them apart. As Penny is not allowed out just yet, we have to be careful not to let her out by accident thinking she is Florrie.

Now, Charlie is a laid back kind of character, We do a voice for the cats and Florrie is intelligent and quick witted, with a proper English accent. He finds he has to explain things to Charlie.Charlie sounds like he's just woken up and usually asks obvious questions.

He was very confused when Penny arrived and kept looking at her and asking,
"Florrie, why won't you talk to me?".....

Penny also found good hiding places in the first week or so under the table,
you had to be careful not to sit on her.

She has settled in really well, at this point they all get on really well, they sleep together and eat together. Yesterday I found Florrie and Penny in the same box fast asleep. They were nose to nose and Florrie had his arm over Penny to keep her warm.....

She doesn't sit up here much now because she has found that children's beds are much cosier...

This was one of their first meetings. You can see why Charlie is confused....

Charlie and Florrie were real Gentlemen. To start with Penny hissed and spat at them, they just looked at her and slowly walked away. Eventually they sniffed noses then tails.

Not once did the boys hiss back or raise a paw to her. They gave her space to run off or they let her sniff them without batting an eyelid.

She would then hiss at them but soon realised they were not going to hurt her.
She soon calmed down and began to eat with them and now sleeps with them.


It's always wise to have an exit plan ready.....

And somewhere, like a bucket in the shed to hide, just in case she gets too much,
(girls ehh!!)


Feed the fish....

I thought I'd have a change around and add some new bits and pieces to my blog. If you click in the fishes water it gives them green food, just for fun...... :)

I hope you like it..

My favourite bit is the moon on the side which I stole from a ladies blog that I read,

I can see our house from here, how cool is that....

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Years Day

I wrote a list the other day, I like lists, they make me feel organised.

The list was of things I want to achieve this New Year.

It goes something like this....

Grow more vegetables and fruit in the garden and keep up with it, so it is more fruitful
(did you see what I did there...fruitful !!! ... ok never mind)

Pick more berries from the hedgerows and make jam, I have been asked by so many people for more jam this year and someone even wants a tutorial and help me boil the scary lava jam...

Pay off my credit card, I must pay more than the minimum payment or I'm just throwing money in a black hole for nothing.

De-clutter my entire house. Ok this is a big one, we seem to have sooooo much stuff,
some of it needs to go, ok most of it needs to go...

Put unused, untouched, unimaginable amount of books on eBay and sell them.

Learn how to sell things on EBay.

Stick to a food shopping budget that is sensible, I already cook from scratch but need to cut out all unnecessary purchases like cakes and biscuits, I need to cook these myself aswell.

Plant a tree, I'm going to re-arrange the back garden this year and plant an apple tree.

Add some colour to the back garden by painting the sheds and Wendy house, possibly the wall and flower pots and cats if they sit still long enough.

Use the library more, I have a terrible addiction to Amazon and feel the urge to buy
books to one day, actually read...

Do a car boot sale and get rid of aforementioned clutter.

Find someone who will lend me their car boot so I can sell my aforementioned, aforementioned clutter....

Have a games night, set by an evening with the children, with no TV/Internet/computer games and actually play a game together, like a family,
like what normal people do....

Plant the new seeds I have bought and look after them and not let children kill them with their footballs....

Diet.....Yes, this is, without doubt the big one, it's got to happen sooner or later.

I must loose the weight.

My incentives are this, in no particular order (another list)

1) I am fat

2) I feel fat

3) I look fat

4) My pants are too big

5) Nothing fits properly

6) I feel unwell

7) I can't always put on my socks by myself

8) I'm not kidding....

9) I am unhealthy

10) I don't feel comfortable

11) I want to chase the kids and play games with them

12) I want to dance to music and not die

13) I know what it is to feel slim and good about yourself, I miss that "me"...

14)I need to be around for my children, they need me.

15)Don't you think that's enough....???

Ok, that's it. The cats need feeding, the sun is up, I'm in need of coffee and I'm still in my pj's at 10:18 am. I've got to get on with my day....