Saturday, 8 January 2011


This is Penny (Penelope)...

She had an operation on Thursday so she can't have babies now. It's the sensible thing to do, she has been micro-chipped aswell.

She is just a baby herself and can't be much older than six months. This picture was taken just a couple of days after we got her, she found a neat hiding place on the top of the monitor. It's high up and warm, she's not daft...

This is our Florrie (Florence). They are similar in colouring although looking at them from above you can hardly tell them apart. As Penny is not allowed out just yet, we have to be careful not to let her out by accident thinking she is Florrie.

Now, Charlie is a laid back kind of character, We do a voice for the cats and Florrie is intelligent and quick witted, with a proper English accent. He finds he has to explain things to Charlie.Charlie sounds like he's just woken up and usually asks obvious questions.

He was very confused when Penny arrived and kept looking at her and asking,
"Florrie, why won't you talk to me?".....

Penny also found good hiding places in the first week or so under the table,
you had to be careful not to sit on her.

She has settled in really well, at this point they all get on really well, they sleep together and eat together. Yesterday I found Florrie and Penny in the same box fast asleep. They were nose to nose and Florrie had his arm over Penny to keep her warm.....

She doesn't sit up here much now because she has found that children's beds are much cosier...

This was one of their first meetings. You can see why Charlie is confused....

Charlie and Florrie were real Gentlemen. To start with Penny hissed and spat at them, they just looked at her and slowly walked away. Eventually they sniffed noses then tails.

Not once did the boys hiss back or raise a paw to her. They gave her space to run off or they let her sniff them without batting an eyelid.

She would then hiss at them but soon realised they were not going to hurt her.
She soon calmed down and began to eat with them and now sleeps with them.


It's always wise to have an exit plan ready.....

And somewhere, like a bucket in the shed to hide, just in case she gets too much,
(girls ehh!!)


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