Thursday, 13 January 2011

My Day...

I thought I'd write about a morning in the life of me. Not very interesting probably but It's pretty much what I do most days.

Early start 5:45 the alarm goes off and Radio 4 comes on.
Listen to Radio 4 until 6am and the headlines.
Get up, put on dressing gown and stagger out of bed.
Negotiate stairs with three cats trying jointly to trip me over whilst meowing
to go out and have food.
Let cats out front door.
Lets cats in who have changed their minds.
Put lights on and kettle.
Trip over cats as I get them their food.
Feed the cats that are now trying to eat the food as it comes out of the tin,
whilst deflecting there advances with the open tin lid.
Wipe tender cuts in gravy from Charlies head and ears.
And Florries tail.
Make coffee.
Lets cats out the kitchen window.
Push cats out of kitchen window on to window ledge and shut window.
Let cats back in through kitchen door......
Sit at PC and open emails.
Drink coffee and remove cat from keyboard....twice..
Take tablets for poorly back and log on to BBC News.
Listen to weather and news whist reading blogs that I follow, remove cat from keyboard.
Drink coffee before the cats spill it....again...
PUT cats out because of them mucking about and being silly.
Realize it is nearly 7am and get Jim's tablets and a drink of water.
Wake children by going into each room and telling them, "wakey wakey, rise and shine" in a happy way. (this is important)...
Go to Jim's room.
Come out of Jim's room and leave the door open to let the smell out before
I go back in.
Re-wake Charlotte, Sam and Katie, who by now have told me they,
"Can't get up it's too warm in bed" "Can't get up it's too cold outside" "Don't want to go to school" "Feel ill" " Have a tummy ache" "have died" "school said yesterday that it is cancelled today".
Re-wake Jim after fumes of bedroom have dissipated.
Tickle Jim under the covers and tell him "I can see you are not dead because I can see you breathing."
Sit with Jim until he wakes and is able to take his medication.
Explain that it is not a good idea to hold your breath for that long.
Finally get everyone to wake and go downstairs.
Send Sam back upstairs with bed covers and pillows, reminding him that he can't eat breakfast at the table while still in bed...
Ask everyone what they want for breakfast while letting the cats back in through the kitchen window.
Make toast, heat pancakes, make weetabix and pour glasses of milk and or
orange juice.
Explain why you can't have chocolate biscuits and cheese for breakfast.
Call Sam to come downstairs as his food is getting cold.
Find a PE kit for Jim.
Negotiate a hostage situation involving Katie's Barbie and a
blueberry muffin....(I know...)
Remind everyone of the time and throw a toilet roll up the stairs for Jim.
Call Sam again and tell him that the cats ate his breakfast and there isn't anymore.
Iron Charlotte a polo shirt and find her odd socks to wear (at least they are clean)..
Give Sam the last chocolate biscuits for breakfast as there is nothing else to eat now.
Explain to Jim that, that is all there is, and if he hadn't of let Penny eat Sam's food,
he would have had breakfast like you....
Turn off computer because Katie won't stop playing Pet ville and go and get washed.
Help Sam find his lunch card.
Sniff Sam and realise he has not washed and send him back to get washed,
with soap!!
Ask "why exactly, are you throwing coat hangers down the stairs??" to Jim.
Ask for Sam to throw down the toilet roll for Katie in the downstairs loo.
Help Charlotte find the black hairbrush she likes.
Beg Charlotte not to go to school yet and stay with me, saying "don't leave me with them please!!!"
Sniff Sam and check he is clean, tell him not to forget his lunch card this
time and put it in your pocket.
Pick up coat hangers.
Sign Jim's Planner and remind him to brush his teeth.
Sigh, roll eyes and bang head against wall when Katie says
"I need a Greek Costume today"
Say good bye to Sam and shut the door after letting the cats frantically escape...
Let Sam back in and hand him his rucksack.
Say good bye to Sam and shut door.
Help Charlotte on with her rucksack which feels like it has ten bricks in it.
Tell Jim he needs to wear a coat as it will rain later.
Put Jim's planner in his rucksack and ask him to find Sam at school and
give him his lunch card.
Say good bye to Charlotte and Jim.
Tell Katie to hurry up in the toilet we have half an hour and we have to go.
Get washed and dressed in five minutes.
Remind Katie we have twenty five minutes left and to get off the toilet.
Realise Katie is not on the toilet.
Turn off Pet ville and send her upstairs to get ready, Pronto!!
Wash up breakfast plates bowls and cups.
Brush hair, clean teeth.
Find Katie's cardigan behind sofa and re-iron.
Help Katie brush her hair.
Katie cleans her teeth while I find her a Greek Costume consisting of an over sized white T-shirt, black leggings and Charlotte's rainbow belt.
Let cats in.
Put all Costume items in a bag.
Sign Katie's reading record.
Find Shoes from back of airing cupboard where they have slipped down and are amongst the spiders webs.
Get coats on and bags.
Check we have keys, phone and purse.
Leave the house.
Go back inside and get costume from dining room table.
Leave the house.
Go to school.........

Then the day begins.......

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