Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Years Day

I wrote a list the other day, I like lists, they make me feel organised.

The list was of things I want to achieve this New Year.

It goes something like this....

Grow more vegetables and fruit in the garden and keep up with it, so it is more fruitful
(did you see what I did there...fruitful !!! ... ok never mind)

Pick more berries from the hedgerows and make jam, I have been asked by so many people for more jam this year and someone even wants a tutorial and help me boil the scary lava jam...

Pay off my credit card, I must pay more than the minimum payment or I'm just throwing money in a black hole for nothing.

De-clutter my entire house. Ok this is a big one, we seem to have sooooo much stuff,
some of it needs to go, ok most of it needs to go...

Put unused, untouched, unimaginable amount of books on eBay and sell them.

Learn how to sell things on EBay.

Stick to a food shopping budget that is sensible, I already cook from scratch but need to cut out all unnecessary purchases like cakes and biscuits, I need to cook these myself aswell.

Plant a tree, I'm going to re-arrange the back garden this year and plant an apple tree.

Add some colour to the back garden by painting the sheds and Wendy house, possibly the wall and flower pots and cats if they sit still long enough.

Use the library more, I have a terrible addiction to Amazon and feel the urge to buy
books to one day, actually read...

Do a car boot sale and get rid of aforementioned clutter.

Find someone who will lend me their car boot so I can sell my aforementioned, aforementioned clutter....

Have a games night, set by an evening with the children, with no TV/Internet/computer games and actually play a game together, like a family,
like what normal people do....

Plant the new seeds I have bought and look after them and not let children kill them with their footballs....

Diet.....Yes, this is, without doubt the big one, it's got to happen sooner or later.

I must loose the weight.

My incentives are this, in no particular order (another list)

1) I am fat

2) I feel fat

3) I look fat

4) My pants are too big

5) Nothing fits properly

6) I feel unwell

7) I can't always put on my socks by myself

8) I'm not kidding....

9) I am unhealthy

10) I don't feel comfortable

11) I want to chase the kids and play games with them

12) I want to dance to music and not die

13) I know what it is to feel slim and good about yourself, I miss that "me"...

14)I need to be around for my children, they need me.

15)Don't you think that's enough....???

Ok, that's it. The cats need feeding, the sun is up, I'm in need of coffee and I'm still in my pj's at 10:18 am. I've got to get on with my day....

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