Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sometimes I wonder...

I really wonder about my children sometimes, mostly if they are actually mine.

Last night Katie and I took Penny for her post operative check up.

(is that what it's called??, I'm not sure, sounds good anyway).

On the way home we pass a Dentist, It is in a house like any other in the street, but inside there is the Dentist Surgery. On the wall outside and in the window there are the signs and notices that show that it is a dentist.

Katie asked me, as we walked passed, what it was like in there, and is that the dentist that Jim hates.

We used this dentist for a while when the children were younger for convenience, but they hated it, and Jim in particular, hated going there. The Dentist was not always patient and was a little rough. As a result the children really did not want to go, so I changed the dentist to one in town. It is a bus ride away but they are so lovely there and the children go with out a problem.

So I explained to Katie that we had once used this dentist but he was not very patient and a bit rough so Jim, in particular, did not like it there.

Katie said "I'm not surprised he didn't like it, it's not a real dentist anyway,
That dentist is a Dentist Practice so they don't know what they are doing yet."

That really made me laugh...


When we left for school this morning the sky was red and shades of orange and purple, quite beautiful.

They gave everywhere a glow of red and orange..

It was quite lovely...

But as we left for school, Katie wanted to know if it was safe to go out there, what with the red, orange and purple sky..... Yes Katie it's quite safe to go out with the sky being like that....


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