Monday, 28 February 2011

Frances Lorraine White

Today I would like to dedicate this blog entry to my dear friend, Frances Lorraine White.
Today it will have been 2 years since she passed away.
I met Frances some 13 years ago on the playground of the nursery school that our children went to. Lots of other Mums seemed to know each other and they were in their impenetrable cliques, chattering amongst themselves.
Truthfully, I don't know if Frances spoke first or if I did, but I like to think our first words were telepathic. As we looked at each other, then at these other mums,
in our minds we said "Why do these people gossip so loudly?"
It made us laugh at the way they all chattered and clucked away sounding
like geese or chickens, we found it so funny...
Frances had two older children, David and Karina, and two younger children,
Ryan and Charlie. At that time Ryan was my Charlotte's age (about 3 and a half)
and Charlie was My Jim's age (about 1 and a half).
When the children were in school they were in the same classes.
To this day Ryan and Charlotte hang out at school and are good friends,
Charlie and Jim have moved through their school lives together as well.
This beautiful photo is of Frances with her baby son Ryan.

Through many trials and tribulations, Frances carried on for the one true thing in her heart that she held so dear, her family. She loved her family so much and always spoke of them, almost every conversation was centered around her love for them all. She would do anything humanly possible for them, and she did.
She could always see a funny side to most things, things that would make your hair curl, there was always a joke in there somewhere, no matter what she had to face..

Truly, I thought she was the most amazing person I'd ever met.
Such a strong and beautiful person who I had the privilege of calling my friend.

I have, through my life, had only a handful of good friends, one's that the conversation could pick up where it left off a few months ago. I might not have crossed paths with Frances for a few weeks at a time, we both had busy lives,
children to bring up on our own and so sometimes we would miss each other on the way home. Then the next time we met our timing would be better and we'd talk all the way home about anything and everything...

We would walk to and from school together, we would talk all the way home,
the children would giggle and run along together.
By the time we stopped to say goodbye, we had sorted the world out..

Charlie and Jim would want to kiss each other goodbye, we swore we would tell them one day when they were older, preferably in a pub infront of their friends,
that this is what they used to do...
Ryan and Charlotte would giggle and run about like mad things, in and out of some old ladies garden and she used to bang on the window. By then Ryan had run off and Charlotte was left to take the blame.
We used to pretend the children were not ours... We couldn't stop laughing..
Walking down the hill one day pushing the buggies, we were face on into the freezing wind, it was sleeting and bitterly cold. We actually felt our foreheads freeze and even though our faces were numb with cold we laughed at how painful it was.
We would always refer to a really cold day as,"not as cold as the day our foreheads froze" It was a mark in time...
Frances had discovered she had Cancer. With such dignity and shear strength and determination, she battled it and at that point won.
Frances had gone through such a great deal, She had begun to recover and regain her strength. Within time Frances had started working at our children's school, although by now Ryan, Charlie, Charlotte and Jim were at senior school. Sam and Katie were now at the junior school and Frances was the friendly face at the gate.
She had her own names for my children, Charlie Bear, Jimbob,Spam and Katie-do-dah. They all thought she was wonderful.....
Frances worked hard and provided for her family through some really difficult times. Her goal was simply to look after her own, to do the best she could, and she did.
One thing that stood out above all else, was her ability to put others before herself. She was a listening ear, with kind words of comfort for others. Frances had a self sacrificing nature, this was simply her personality and certainly not for show.
I did not always meet her on the way to school now, she had to be at work earlier,
to be there before the school day started. But she was always on the "good-bye gate" where the children said good-bye to Mum's and Dad's. If we could, we would have a speedy conversation and a smile.
On June 12th 2008 My Dad had suddenly past away, I spoke to Frances at the "good-bye gate" the next morning, I told her that he had died the day before. She was very sad for me, we talked about how she had only just seen him with myself the other day, we were picking up my Jim and her Charlie from the Paris school trip.
Again with her words of kindness and comfort she was able to bring a smile to my face at such a difficult time.
We only walked home a few more times after that and the summer holidays came around and were over before you knew it. Frances knew she had Cancer again and was now not at work, I looked for her everyday and kept thinking what bad timing I had and that I had missed her again.
Some time later, I walked home after taking Katie to school, and by chance met our friend Alison. Alison worked in school with Frances and knew us both as she, like us, was a playground Mum. She asked me if I had heard anything about Frances, I knew at that moment that she was gone.
Her family are amazing, Frances had shown by her very nature how to be a family, how to do the right thing, how to stick together no matter what life throws at you,
how to look life in the eye and say "bring it on". Her children and close family have done just that. They have stepped up to the mark, they have rallied round, they have stuck together. She would be so proud of them all.
She has the most amazing children.
Every day when I take Katie to school, I look for her, I can't help it.
I'm looking for her in a crowd of faces but I know she is not there.
She touched my life and has left her hand print on my heart. I will always be grateful for the kindness she showed me, for the laughter we shared and for her kind face I still see when I close my eyes.
I am blessed because, for a short while, I had the chance to know
Frances and call her my friend.
December 22nd 1963 ~~~ February 28th 2009

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bathtime Barbie

Katie has spent a long time in the bath lately. With no school for the past week she has lounged around the house in her PJ's, vegged in front of the television,
pottered around in the garden and soaked in the bath until she was very prune like...

She often takes her dolls in the bath with her and they are imagined into mermaids and rescue each other from the terror of "the bubbles"
I don't remember playing with dolls much when I was Katie's age, although I do remember one Cindy doll, Barbie's poorer cousin, and I remember cutting her hair off and burying her it the garden......
I think I drew on her face as well. It's something to do with their eyes,
they constantly stare at you, and so they make me feel uneasy,
or maybe that's just me being paranoid..
Katie looks after her dolls with greater care, they even have a minder to look after them...
What a handsome chap he is , even Barbie is swooning...

When I get in the bath I have to turn their heads so they can't see me...
No wonder I didn't have many dolls, I think they spook me a little..
You've seen Toy story right? Yeah, they look at you, and when you go
out of the room they laugh and talk about you.... just sayin....

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Being Organised

I love to be organised. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination a control freak,
but I do like to know what I am doing tomorrow. And preferably into next week.

When I was married we had the motto "if you never plan anything then
nothing can go wrong". Which in a weird kind of way is true,
(what were we thinking??)

But it doesn't work for me now.. not with four children.

I sometimes have a brain like a sieve and I find if I write it down,
I don't have to have it rattling around in my brain.
All I have to do is remember where I put the list with it on.

For the last five years I have kept a diary, not a diary of what I did,
a thoughts and feelings kind of diary, but a dairy with notes,
important appointments, what's for tea, when things happened,
ideas for the garden, reminders, school dates that kind of thing.

It is very, very handy. It fits in my bag and I pretty much take
it everywhere with me..

Now my Motto is "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail"
(stolen from a poster in the school Charlotte goes to)

And if the diary isn't enough, we have a whiteboard so that everyone can see what's happening this week. It saves having to answer ten times "what's for tea?"

I generally write what's happening Monday to Friday, what meals we will have all week and anything that is important. Sometimes it gets vandalised and you have to check it now and again for rude poems (Jim) or smiley faces (Katie) words inserted where they shouldn't be (Charlotte)...

It's also a good place to put the Council rubbish collection times and a timer, in the hopes of making people move faster in the morning.

Like I say, it is a hope and is yet to be achieved....

The fridge is a good place to put letters, mostly school ones with exam timetables on,
parents evening times and there is a letter there for Jim from his Music teacher telling
him he needs to hand in some overdue homework from last summer.....

I write these into my diary but leave the letters here for the children to see what they have to do in the coming weeks.

These are the time tables for Charlotte, Jim and Sam. In the morning you will usually find them standing there with a rucksack in one hand and stuffing books in it with the other and their faces pressed up against the fridge, reading what books they need for the day.

And if you think I'm not organised enough yet, then there are the lists.List of things to do, lists of bills to pay, lists of things to remember, lists of things to get at the charity shop, list of things to do in the holidays, lists of things to pick up at the shop on the way home, lists of the lists I've got.... haha, only kidding, that's on a spread sheet on the computer...No really, I'm kidding...

(I don't know how to do spread sheets yet, but if I did...)

So, in my list I might have an order of things to be done. On Monday, the children are back to school so when I drop Katie off I need to check in the school office for what time her after school cookery class finishes on Wednesday, and while in there I need to hand in the £1 for the lesson. The pound in the envelope will go at our front door on a poly pocket that is attached to the door so we don't forget it, along with Jim and Sam's lunch cards, which they still forget...
I also on the way home need to post a CV and letter as I go past the post box, I need to phone and re-book Jim's ADHD Clinic appointment, which clashes with me signing on at 9:40am and his PSP meeting at 11:am that day. I need to phone and make an appointment for Spec savers and ask will I qualify for a free eye test, put in for a repeat prescription for Jim and Myself on the way past the doctors, go to my friends and do her ironing for her as she has family visiting this week and she won't get time to do everything.... phew
But if I didn't write it down I'd forget and I would never forgive myself if I missed a school assembly, parents evening or sports day because I didn't write it down and was unorganised.

So maybe I am a bit of an organised freak after all, but I can't afford to be unorganised, I know what's for tea, I know what bills I need to pay and how much money I have in the bank, I know when the school breaks up for the next half term and when Charlotte's 11 exams are before June.

But that's my job, our lives run better when you know where things are and what's happening tomorrow. If there is a change of plan I can adjust things accordingly. I know if there is spare time, spare money, enough food for a friend to stay for tea. It's all out of my head and written down and that relieves me of the stress of having to remember things, or not forgetting things, which I know is the same, but I don't know which one explains it better.....
So I put both, just in case...

And now for something completely different, With my Tesco club card vouchers I had always bought more shopping with them. That week I would do a larger shop than normal and used my vouchers that way. I had read a few blogs where they had exchanged their vouchers for days out tokens and restaurant vouchers as a treat. What a brilliant idea, so I went online and used what vouchers I had left and exchanged it for a Cineworld Adult ticket, It's worth about £8.
When the next statement comes through in May I will exchange the next lot of points for Children Cineworld vouchers. With the next statement after that I'm going to exchange the points for Prezzo restaurant vouchers. In the summer holidays all five of us will go to the cinema and out for a meal at Prezzos FOR FREE !!!
(because I'm organised)
And as if that wasn't enough, I joined Tesco DVD rental for just under £5 per month, I get three films to watch each month and send them back when I'm ready to. No postage to pay and the next one arrives in the post a few days later.
It does save me money because I might have been tempted to buy the DVD, watched it once and it just sits on the shelf. So I get to watch a film from a list I have chosen three times a month for under £5.
And then, they sent me two adult Cineworld tickets, for free.....
So in trying to save money I have received a few freebies.
Guess who's going to the cinema soon, I just need to pencil in some time for myself....


Friday, 25 February 2011

Sprung Clung...

Do you think the past tense of "Spring Clean" is "Sprung Clung"...

I reckon it is, In which case I have "Sprung Clung" my dining room today..

It was looking really bad and I was starting to lose things, I know I had a time table for next week and I could not find it. Also through the holidays I have had a few letters with appointments for the coming months and I needed to re-find them and put them in the diary..

I don't know about you but I like to see before and after pictures, it gives you a sense of what has been achieved and can be very motivating..

So here is our scruffy table, before.....

And after....

The worst area is the desk, I share this space with the children,

mostly Katie and Sam, but a lot of this mess is mine....

I have now found the paperwork I need and have written them

in my diary...phew..

So, scruffy desk before....

And after........

I know it's still a bit cluttered, but this is predominantly my desk and

I like things within reach.

And the dresser/sideboard/cabinet/thing before.....

And after.....

Much better....

I had lots of help with the tidying and dusting.
The cats helped a great deal.....
by sleeping.

Even Katie helped.... not...


Thursday, 24 February 2011

And this little piggy....

This little piggy is waiting to go to the bank....

We have a lovely big piggy bank which we put all our pennies in.

We have been filling her up since last September.

Some 10p's some 20's but mostly 1p's 2p's and 5p's.

Today we pulled the plugs from her little trotters and started counting.

Katie counted the same pound of 1p's about five times because she kept loosing count.

In the end we bagged up all the money and added everything together....

We have a grand total of £38.66

Not bad considering it's money that we could have easily spent.

We will sit down and work out what it will be spent on, if anything at all.

We have all contributed so we all have to agree.

It might be nice to open a bank account to put the piggie's savings in,

then leave it there to earn interest.

I will put it to the committee members tonight and see what they think..

Or we could just go to the cinema and have ice-cream???


CSI Stevenage

This morning I came down early, I like to get up before anyone else,
it gives me a chance to have my tablets and a little quiet time
before the day begins.

But this was to be no ordinary day....

Something had happened here last night, and it wasn't good......

If fact it was so, wasn't good, it was bad.....

At first I didn't think anything of the sticky blobs on the kitchen work top.
I had washed up and tidied the kitchen last night. They were not there then.
And without thinking, I washed my cup up this morning.
And without thinking I wiped down the kitchen work top.
But now there were sticky blobs which I just wiped away,
without thinking....

But there were more, one on the kettle, two on the toaster and three
on the cooker top and five on the microwave.....
something was not adding up......

I followed the remaining blobs and quickly realised that
this was a crime scene......

Stepping back and releasing my camera from it's holster,
I pointed it in the direction of these red blobs.
Could it be blood? human blood?...

No, it was worse than that, it was Ketchup...

I knew instantly what kind of menace I was dealing with here,
but I needed to gather evidence if I was to secure a conviction.

In my mind there was only one suspect.....

This menace to society had no regard for the safety of others and had clearly committed a crime that they felt would go undetected....

The ketchup had reached the back of the book shelf, this must have been a frenzied attack, to splatter the ketchup this far as to reach behind the
"Delia smiths complete cookery guide"

Not only was it on the ceiling.....

It was on the floor.......

And even on the cupboard door......

In haste the culprit had wiped their hand on a nearby cloth,
this would be their much evidence, so little time,
I had to work quickly and find their weapon before they struck again......

But they were no match for my cunning, for there, on the kitchen work top,
near the microwave, and just behind the pen pot,
was what I had been looking for......

The perpetrator of this hideous crime would pay, and pay dearly for their sins.

They could not do this and expect to get away Scott free....

I suspect a life sentence will be issued, incarceration at the very least.
They should be made to clean up this mess and be made accountable,
the public deserves nothing less...
When he wakes up of course.....


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

So much to do....

A few weeks ago the wind was very windy....

It blew for days and there was no let up. Things in the garden got blown around,
washing got blown off the line and it was very disruptive to your hair...

The cover was already riped on the green house and last year Katie and I attempted to repair it. We did a good job and it was fine all through last year.

Then this year the wind blew it off....

It blew the pots round the garden and was very annoying..

Even the not scary scarecrow blew to one side and is now looking a bit bedraggled and in need of a makeover.

Yep, it looks a real mess out there, and there is so much to be done.


1) I can't be bothered to do it yet

2) There is too much to do

3) It hasn't stopped raining in days


4) I can't be bothered to do it yet.

There is weeding to do that really needs to be done but I want to change things around so I am procrastinating badly.....

Still, when the sun poked it's little head round the clouds,

all I wanted to do is sit in the sun and relax...


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Nugget of gold...

Yesterday I wrote a post about being frugalish. Trying not to spend money on things that are either not needed, an unneeded extravagance or just plain old tat that you buy because the money burns a hole in your pocket.
Well today I went into town as I had to sign on. It was bus ride into town that I couldn't avoid. Usually while I'm in town, I pop into the charity shop. I mentally have a list of the things I'm looking out for. Usually it's clothes for the children or myself. Although I have picked up some nice duvet covers, a nice table cloth and a 5 piece dinner set, which was more than likely 6 at one time, but 5 is the right number for us..
On my mental shopping list is a note to get some trousers for myself.

I know at home I have two pairs of trousers. Actually, one pair that I'm wearing and one pair at home. That's it, two pairs. I have about six skirts but this weather is not always the weather for skirts.

The charity shop in town has really improved over the last six months. It used to be abit smelly and there was not much to choose from. Now it has brightened up, the smell is all but gone and the selection has vastly improved. With this Up market trend you would think that the prices would have gone up as well, but they haven't. Many thing are 10p, 25p, 50p... real charity shop prices, which I like...

Last week Charlotte had to do her cookery exam and present her dessert in sundae glasses. We didn't have any and the school can't supply them. So as I had to go into town that week also, I nipped in the charity shop and picked up two, slightly mismatched glass goblets/sundae glasses, they were perfect for what she needed them for, and all for the bargain price of 50p for both of them..

So my nugget of gold today is a brand new pair of black soft jersey material trousers with an elasticated waist band ... comfort is a must.....

This is a dreadful picture but no matter where I put them they would not stay still and kept falling off .

The trousers were brand new and still had the label on..

And I bought a lovely yellow top with a pretty pattern round the neck line.

As I am rather "rotund" I look out for the bigger sizes so there is plenty of room.

This is a size 22/24 and doesn't have a mark on it. They were both £1.50 each and so for the grand price of £3 I have a whole new set of clothes to wear, new to me anyway..


Monday, 21 February 2011


With a family that comprises of one adult and four children, money is quite often an issue. My position is of a single parent and I am actively looking for work.
It can be quite disheartening at the moment if you are in the market for a job.
I haven't been in paid employment for years as I have been bringing up my children.
I had not claimed any benefit entitlements until I became a single parent and now,
with the rest of the country, I'm out there, looking for work.

There are not many jobs around that,

1) I am qualified/have the experience for.

2) I am able to physically do with my poorly back.

3) Can fit in around being there for my children .
This is not to say I am not willing and the job center help me with my job searches,
they see how many jobs come up that I am a good candidate for but they are very few. However, I have put together a good CV, I search at least every other day for work, whether it be on job websites, local papers, company websites and the job center. There has got to be something out there I can do.
So until my search becomes more fruitful, I am on a limited income and
must watch every penny that comes in and out of our house.
Years ago, when I left school, we were in the depths of the 80's recession,
I remember leaving school and there was not a job to be had anywhere.
Out of a large group of friends, only one had a job.
However, no matter how bad things are, you can still try to have a nice home.
It doesn't have to cost a fortune. Some of the nicest clothes or linen or
cups and plates for our home have cost pennies.
You just have to make it your mission to find these little nuggets of gold.
With the children's rooms, duvet covers and blankets can be found if you are
willing to sew on a button here or mend a seam there.
After a good wash, many things can be as good as new, well new to me anyway.
Katie's bedroom has many thrifted items, the duvet cover cost just 50p.
We don't have much money for holidays, last year we had a couple of coach day trips
which were lovely as we have no transport.
But the park doesn't cost a penny. With a bit of luck everyone will be worn out
by the end of the day and will sleep well.

Cooking from scratch has to be one of the best money savers.
For the price of a ready meal X5 I can cook a family meal and have the
bonus of knowing what went in it.

Cakes and biscuits can be made by children, they learn the skills of cooking and baking, weighing ingredients, good hygiene, washing up and good nutrition.
Life skills to help them in the future. Ohh yes, and tasting and licking out the bowl....

Last year, we spent a good amount of time foraging in the local parks and lanes for berries.
We gathered pound upon pound of blackberries and plums, all for free.
We collected the jars through the year.Although we paid out for the sugar, we were paid with the enjoyment of making Jam and literally seeing and eating the fruits of our labour.

Now, keeping clean can be a frugal business too. Cheaper bars of bath soap are 99p for four,
we don't splash out and buy the expensive stuff at £2 odd a bar.

Smelling clean doesn't have to be smelling of fruit. My Nan's bathroom used to smell of Coal Tar soap, you can't get cleaner smelling than that...

But I think, by far my most frugalish thing is liquid hand wash.
Firstly I buy the cheapest shower gel for 10p a bottle, I squeeze it into a pump dispenser that I picked up in a pound shop years ago. I decant the liquid shower gel into the dispenser, wash the shower gel bottle out with a little warm water and put that in too. Voila, 10p liquid hand wash. Much easier when you want children to wash their hands after going to the toilet.

They just squirt and wash, what could be easier...

So, lastly, to make talcum powder go a very long way, I find it a good idea to use the good,
old fashioned, powder puff. A little goes a long way. It saves using hand fulls of it and the children have a hard time spraying this around the room.

However Katie has been known to lightly dust Nanny's bathroom now and then...

So, with keeping an eye on the Penny's that come in and go out, with a little thought and consideration, things don't have to be so tough. Ends will meet eventually. And that makes for an easier life for everyone.


Sunday, 20 February 2011


Monday 21st February 2011

I'm not entirely sure how, but Jim has reached the
grand old age of 14 today....

I do occasionally write about Jim, he has been the
subject of a few of my blog entry's and with good reason.

I think his name is the one I call most, whether it's to
"come here" "stop that" "leave him alone" or simply
"what have you done now?"

Jim has gone through an awful lot in his 14 years,
as a small child he was a fiery whizz bang, always on the go,
boundless energy, fearless, a whirlwind.

We would always liken him to "Taz", you know, the crazy character who whizzes around like a nutter, the teeth are not the same, but you get the picture....

I'm not sure why but we always think of cartoon characters when we have to describe Jim to anyone, another we use is Mowgli, when he fights with Baloo the bear. Fearless, no matter how big the opponent, he'll have a go anyway.

Well, 14 years ago today Jim was born. He was my heaviest baby at 8lb 10oz.

He was born after a little over 6hrs of labour and I was home the same day.

He had no name for a for a day or two, if he had been a girl he would have been Megan. We then decided on James, sometimes Jamie, but more often Jim,

Just to confuse him...

When he was small he was a terror, in and out of everything, ALL THE TIME.......

One day when he was about 4 he thought it would be a good idea to tip a whole packet of washing powder into the sink of dirty dishes.....

I sent him up to his room while I cleared the mess up.

Meanwhile, Charlotte, who was 6, was playing quietly in her room.

After a few minutes she came down and said "Mum, I can smell smoke"

We ran up the stairs and smelt the smoke coming from my room,

I opened the door to find a clean pile of washing on fire.

He had found a box of matches and lit one, in fear he through it and it fell on the pile of clothes.

I told him to run to his room and Charlotte and I ran to and from the bathroom with piddly small children's tea cups of water to throw on the flames.

Eventually, even though the fire was not quite out, I was able to pick up the pile of clothes and run to the bathroom with it, I threw them in the bath and turned on the taps.

Looking back, it was almost laughable at the comedy of it, with stupid little plastic tea cups of water that the children played with in the bath, but there was nothing bigger to hold the water in that short space of time..

With my heart pounding, I went into Jim's room to see if he was alright, I opened the door to a thick haze in the room and you could barely see him across the room, he was white from head to toe, the room was white, EVERYTHING WAS WHITE !!!

He had emptied the entire contents of a new bottle of talc into the air, onto himself, AND ON EVERYTHING!!!!

With all my heart I love this child.....

I mean, look at that face, not quite sure what he's thinking here, but look at that face....

When he was 7 he was diagnosed with ADHD. His teacher Mrs Stacey asked us at his parents evening "do you think he has ADHD?" we had never heard of it....

good job she had..

Within the year he had seen a child psychologist and had started to go to a child development clinic. The next year he was put on medication to help him concentrate at school and to help him with his behaviour.

With lots of help he did well at school, He liked to go but wanted to play not work.
He wanted to stare out the window at the clouds and the birds on the field or watch the other children in the class rather than do work himself.

The teachers were patient with him but they had a class of 30 others to teach and Jim did struggle to keep himself under control at times.

Eventually Jim was able to be trusted enough to go on a school trip to Paris with the school.

He had a brilliant time but left his camera up the first level of the Eiffel Tower....

With all my heart I love this child....

Jim is the most active kid I know, He can do flip after flip on the trampoline, he can ride a bike and a skateboard, he loves to free run where you leap and bound off steps and walls and climb things in a single bound, scaring old ladies on the process.

He has had lots and lots of bumps and scrapes. One of the worst is when he thought it might be a good idea to go down our hill on the boy next doors bike,

WITH NO HANDS..........

He came off just over half way and skidded on his elbows, knees, back and face the rest of the way.......

What a Muppet....

But I still love him.....

Here he is looking cool, Charlotte drew the design and he posed for the camera...

In this photo you can clearly see he has chopped a lump out of his hair.....

What were you thinking????

Later, at school, Jim had a part in the school production "Bugsy Malone" he was one of the gangsters... Quite appropriate I thought.... He is the one without the hat...

Here is a lovely picture that Charlotte put together of Jim and his friend Charlie.

They have known each other since they were babies.

Jim has been through alot, he lives with his ADHD every day, He sometimes says he wishes he didn't have it and that he was "normal", he does his best but sometimes he still stuffs up.

Through everything, he is the most loving and caring person ever, he has his moments but don't we all.

He would do anything for anyone,

He tries his absolute best, so you could never ask for more,

He knows the value of family,

He is loyal and would fight your corner with every ounce of effort he had,

He is the one you call on when you feel crap and need a hug,

He is the one who will always laugh at my lame jokes,

He is the one who will physically work like a Trojan and not complain,

He is the only one who can make his little sister laugh when she is being a misery guts,

When I think of him, I can feel my heart swell with love for him,

He is the one you ask to climb in the window when you lock yourself out........

He is amazing.