Thursday, 24 February 2011

And this little piggy....

This little piggy is waiting to go to the bank....

We have a lovely big piggy bank which we put all our pennies in.

We have been filling her up since last September.

Some 10p's some 20's but mostly 1p's 2p's and 5p's.

Today we pulled the plugs from her little trotters and started counting.

Katie counted the same pound of 1p's about five times because she kept loosing count.

In the end we bagged up all the money and added everything together....

We have a grand total of £38.66

Not bad considering it's money that we could have easily spent.

We will sit down and work out what it will be spent on, if anything at all.

We have all contributed so we all have to agree.

It might be nice to open a bank account to put the piggie's savings in,

then leave it there to earn interest.

I will put it to the committee members tonight and see what they think..

Or we could just go to the cinema and have ice-cream???


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