Sunday, 13 February 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For.....

OK, I made this poem up one morning when the kids had gone to school...

Many years ago
When the children were so small
I used to wish with all my heart
That they were grown and tall

Foolishly I wished
That they were not so loud and smelly
That they could walk and talk so clearly
Not just lay upon their belly

Unfortunately you see
When they were just so small
They would run around and scream and shout
And scribble on the wall

My days would be spent cleaning
After breakfast, lunch and tea
wiping bums, helping with sums
There would be no time for me

Everyday was just the same
Chaos from dawn to dusk
Cleaning, wiping, scrapping floors
To clean the crayon and the rusk

So as I said, a foolish whim
I wished their lives away
Hoping that they'd grow up fast
Into adulthood I pray

I really wish upon a star
That they were small again
That they would hang upon my legs
But it will never be the same

They've grown now into something
That I don't always understand
In the park they now disown me
And don't want to hold my hand

When they were small their rooms were filled
With books and toys and games
Now they're littered with plates and socks
And food that smells so strange

When they were small they'd wake at dawn
Out of the covers would pop their head
Now you wake them with a broom handle
It's like trying to wake the dead

There rooms have such an odour
It takes your breath away
And if you let them lay there
You'd not see them all the day

The washing mounts up on the floor
Dirty mixed with clean
Cups and plates and bowls abound
It's the worst I've ever seen

The worst I think is when they fight
It's like the OK Corral
You shout and send them off to bed
And it's quiet, just for now

The trouble is they've grown so tall
Now they are taller than me
They have opinions of their own
Which they shout to make you see

Now eating at the table
Well that's a sight to see
Elbows off tables, use your knife
It's like the chimps have come to tea

Their washing piles are amazing
You'd need your hiking gear
Socks and pants and jeans and gloves
Believe me, it's all in here

Going to bed is a nightmare
I'm tired at the end of my day
But as I go for a midnight wee
They're still on the games they play

Now homeworks another matter
It's like the new taboo
It's like you can't get them to understand
It's something you have to do

So to sum them up I suppose I'd say
Teenagers are hard work
They are growing fast, they eat so much
And soon they'll be out to work

Time flows by so quickly
And in the blinking of an eye
They'd have grown to adults, flown the nest
And in my nursing home I'll cry

So don't wish away the tender years
Of scribbled hallway wall
Fingerprints on doorways
And tripping over tennis balls

So make the most of your precious time
Be proud, who would have believed
Because I was a dreadful teenager
And look what I've achieved.....


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