Saturday, 19 February 2011

I have piles....

I know it's not something you normally brag about but......

Well, I looked around the house today and all I can see are piles.

Piles, piles everywhere and most of them, they stink..

The half term holiday is here and as usual, there are mountains of things to be done.

I try to get housework up to date before the holidays are here, but not only have the

children been poorly but I have too. There were days where only the bare minimum

was achieved, and as long as we ate and were warm we didn't really care about the

piles.... Until today...

My biggest and most annoying pile is the pile of washing.

The never ending "Mount Washmore"..

The more you wear the more you have to wash and so it goes on.

I wish some days that we could all wear paper boiler suits and give me

the chance to catch up with this never ending pile of doom..

And here is the pile of DVDs I have yet to watch, always intending to but

never seem to get the uninterrupted time to watch.

And then, the pile of washing-up. We once had dishwasher called "Bob"...

I miss "Bob", he was a good and loyal friend. However, there were still the

arguments over who would load and unload "Bob" and in the end he

passed away, silently in the night...

Incidentally he was called "Bob" because when you would ask who

wanted to help wash-up, the children would say "Ohh, let Bob do it".

Then again, washing-up can be therapeutic, You can gaze out the window

and watch the children play in the garden or daydream about things you want to do.

When the children wipe-up or put the crockery away, It is also a good time for

chatting with them, sometimes about their day, about something that is bothering

them, or just have a giggle about something together.

It's a good time to bond and believe me there will be no interruptions from others.

They know if you come in the kitchen when there are chores to be done you will get

roped into something so they steer well clear...

Then, my favourite, the pile to be folded that came in off the washing line,

I don't mind this pile because it smells nice and most of it I can get away with not

ironing and just fold and put away.......

This is the pile of blankets that have been washed, folded and put away for when

it is nippy at night..

And then there is the pile that comes out of the washing machine that needs to be

dried, not easy on a rainy day like today....

And finally, when the washing is dry and ready to iron, you find you can't because

there is a cat in the way......

Still there is always tomorrow...


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