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Monday 21st February 2011

I'm not entirely sure how, but Jim has reached the
grand old age of 14 today....

I do occasionally write about Jim, he has been the
subject of a few of my blog entry's and with good reason.

I think his name is the one I call most, whether it's to
"come here" "stop that" "leave him alone" or simply
"what have you done now?"

Jim has gone through an awful lot in his 14 years,
as a small child he was a fiery whizz bang, always on the go,
boundless energy, fearless, a whirlwind.

We would always liken him to "Taz", you know, the crazy character who whizzes around like a nutter, the teeth are not the same, but you get the picture....

I'm not sure why but we always think of cartoon characters when we have to describe Jim to anyone, another we use is Mowgli, when he fights with Baloo the bear. Fearless, no matter how big the opponent, he'll have a go anyway.

Well, 14 years ago today Jim was born. He was my heaviest baby at 8lb 10oz.

He was born after a little over 6hrs of labour and I was home the same day.

He had no name for a for a day or two, if he had been a girl he would have been Megan. We then decided on James, sometimes Jamie, but more often Jim,

Just to confuse him...

When he was small he was a terror, in and out of everything, ALL THE TIME.......

One day when he was about 4 he thought it would be a good idea to tip a whole packet of washing powder into the sink of dirty dishes.....

I sent him up to his room while I cleared the mess up.

Meanwhile, Charlotte, who was 6, was playing quietly in her room.

After a few minutes she came down and said "Mum, I can smell smoke"

We ran up the stairs and smelt the smoke coming from my room,

I opened the door to find a clean pile of washing on fire.

He had found a box of matches and lit one, in fear he through it and it fell on the pile of clothes.

I told him to run to his room and Charlotte and I ran to and from the bathroom with piddly small children's tea cups of water to throw on the flames.

Eventually, even though the fire was not quite out, I was able to pick up the pile of clothes and run to the bathroom with it, I threw them in the bath and turned on the taps.

Looking back, it was almost laughable at the comedy of it, with stupid little plastic tea cups of water that the children played with in the bath, but there was nothing bigger to hold the water in that short space of time..

With my heart pounding, I went into Jim's room to see if he was alright, I opened the door to a thick haze in the room and you could barely see him across the room, he was white from head to toe, the room was white, EVERYTHING WAS WHITE !!!

He had emptied the entire contents of a new bottle of talc into the air, onto himself, AND ON EVERYTHING!!!!

With all my heart I love this child.....

I mean, look at that face, not quite sure what he's thinking here, but look at that face....

When he was 7 he was diagnosed with ADHD. His teacher Mrs Stacey asked us at his parents evening "do you think he has ADHD?" we had never heard of it....

good job she had..

Within the year he had seen a child psychologist and had started to go to a child development clinic. The next year he was put on medication to help him concentrate at school and to help him with his behaviour.

With lots of help he did well at school, He liked to go but wanted to play not work.
He wanted to stare out the window at the clouds and the birds on the field or watch the other children in the class rather than do work himself.

The teachers were patient with him but they had a class of 30 others to teach and Jim did struggle to keep himself under control at times.

Eventually Jim was able to be trusted enough to go on a school trip to Paris with the school.

He had a brilliant time but left his camera up the first level of the Eiffel Tower....

With all my heart I love this child....

Jim is the most active kid I know, He can do flip after flip on the trampoline, he can ride a bike and a skateboard, he loves to free run where you leap and bound off steps and walls and climb things in a single bound, scaring old ladies on the process.

He has had lots and lots of bumps and scrapes. One of the worst is when he thought it might be a good idea to go down our hill on the boy next doors bike,

WITH NO HANDS..........

He came off just over half way and skidded on his elbows, knees, back and face the rest of the way.......

What a Muppet....

But I still love him.....

Here he is looking cool, Charlotte drew the design and he posed for the camera...

In this photo you can clearly see he has chopped a lump out of his hair.....

What were you thinking????

Later, at school, Jim had a part in the school production "Bugsy Malone" he was one of the gangsters... Quite appropriate I thought.... He is the one without the hat...

Here is a lovely picture that Charlotte put together of Jim and his friend Charlie.

They have known each other since they were babies.

Jim has been through alot, he lives with his ADHD every day, He sometimes says he wishes he didn't have it and that he was "normal", he does his best but sometimes he still stuffs up.

Through everything, he is the most loving and caring person ever, he has his moments but don't we all.

He would do anything for anyone,

He tries his absolute best, so you could never ask for more,

He knows the value of family,

He is loyal and would fight your corner with every ounce of effort he had,

He is the one you call on when you feel crap and need a hug,

He is the one who will always laugh at my lame jokes,

He is the one who will physically work like a Trojan and not complain,

He is the only one who can make his little sister laugh when she is being a misery guts,

When I think of him, I can feel my heart swell with love for him,

He is the one you ask to climb in the window when you lock yourself out........

He is amazing.


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